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By Anonymous
a contribution to your wiki... the boss "Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella" does not take poison and bleed
By Anonymous
He does actually take bleed damage. Took about 15 swings of my bleed longsword but it took off about 20% of his health
By Anonymous
He can take bleed. Poison however, I do not know.
By Anonymous
That's not true...I've poisoned him multiple times. Would verify the bleed as well.
By Anonymous
He does take bleed damage. I used the hook blades and they worked perfectly.
By Anonymous
not only is this not how you contribute to a wiki, you are also wrong
By Anonymous
2nd phase he starts to fly and deal frost dmg. He drops the frozen lightning spear on death
By Anonymous
for the wiki he can be poise broken for a crit hit on his head
By Anonymous
jump attacks to his legs are a good way to stun him.
By Anonymous
Glintblade Phalanx will poise break boss after 3-4 full hits. Can be repeated in both phases.
By Anonymous
3-4 full hits with Glintblade Phalanx will cause poise break and it is repeatable throughout the fight.
By Anonymous
Finally killed the bastard after being one hit killed by basically every attack
By Anonymous
His awful hitboxes must be Dark Souls 2 reference.
By Anonymous
I’m not sure what everybody is saying but he drops “Dragon Halberd” on death. Didn’t get any miracle.
By Anonymous
The dragonkin in Sophia river drops the halberd
By Anonymous
That���s the Dragonkin soldier in Sofria river
By Anonymous
Killed him just now and he drops the frost lightning incantation. No halberd
By Anonymous
Either I didn't hit him enough times or blood loss just doesn't effect him.
By Anonymous
I killed him with bleed so it is definitely possible, but it took a lot of hits. definitely pretty resistant
By Anonymous
Poison don't seem to work on him too.
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