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By Anonymous
There is another fist called Cipher Pata, it requires 30 faith and scales with faith at C.
By Anonymous
missing Cipher Pata, found at the roundtable, sorry i don't know how to edit ****
By Anonymous
The hell is that ? 5 fist weapons in the game and you make 3 of them full blades ?
It's like making 2/3 of the straight swords blunt when you have a hammer class. Wtf
By Anonymous
There's more than 5 fist weapons, they just haven't been added to this page yet.
By Anonymous
boi half the weapons arnt on the wiki, were still finding them
By Anonymous
Oh ok
But still tho
By Anonymous
I warped to the roundtable and everything was dark, then the silent guy who stands outside the library attacked me. He dropped the Clinging Bone fist weapon, and his armor was sitting where he normally is afterward. The weapon is similar to the hookclaws, but lacks bleed and has a darkwraith-esque weapon art. No idea what triggers this event.
By Anonymous
Since the chief talks about him and the medallion, I think the trigger is obtaining Haligtree Secret medallion (right) from the elder in the pot in the Village of the Albinaurics.
By Anonymous
I believe it triggers once you get the secret half medallion from the village of albinaurics.
By Anonymous
So you are telling me out of 5 fist weapons, 2/3 are claws ?
Just want some diverse gloves man
By Anonymous
There's a pair of fist weapons that are just two morning stars that you punch with at one of the coliseums in the capitol city
By Anonymous
These wiki articles are fairly incomplete at the moment, more stuff is being added every day.
By Anonymous
Oh yeah yeah alright it's incomplete, but it's still terrible that you get claws instead of fists when there is a claw class with only claws.
By Anonymous
Yo bois how are fists in Elden ring ?
By Anonymous
Not typically good, but the cipher pata, hookclaws and grafted dragon are pretty strong in PvP brother.
By Anonymous
there is one called Iron Ball, it drops from a man at boilprawn Shack
By Anonymous
Clinging bone is missing. Found by being invaded at the Roundtable
By Anonymous
You guys are missing the clinging bone, which has the life steal ability. I’m fairly sure you get it by defeating the initial invader when you go to the dark version of the round table.
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