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By Anonymous
Nerfed massively in the latest patch after the fist attack you now get massively diminishing returns on poise damage they still hit hard but they're not gonna be out damaging colossals anymore.
By Anonymous
So you crying because fist weapons, realistically weaker than colossal weapons, are now actually weaker than colossal weapons?
By Anonymous
Wow you didn't read my comment at all did you where TF did you get that impression?
By Anonymous
probably you saying " they still hit hard but they're not gonna be out damaging colossals anymore."
By Anonymous
The somber stone ones are all pretty bad but the infusible ones are insanely too good right now. I liked ds3 caestus even though i know it was too good then too, it was too good for its utility, but was conditionally a good direct combat weapon as well: fast close range attacks in the offhand for backstab fishers, good rundown potential, and good for not tinking off of shields. But these, these are just too good. Run at thing and press R2 until dead. It wont take long
By Anonymous
Yes we definitely needs more weapons that completely invalidate colossals
By Anonymous
The game was Rigged from the Start
By Anonymous
Why yes, I do like dying in a single true combo with 60 vigor wearing heavy armor. How did you know?
By Anonymous
mfw when the caestus heavy attack has fewer recovery frames than the light attack. gg fromsoftware very cool and balanced
By Anonymous
Anyone know if these weapons can be parried?
By Anonymous
They can but god help ya if you fail
By Anonymous
I hope caestus users discover a button other than R2 one day
By Anonymous
I hope rivers of blood users discover literally anything else one day
By Anonymous
Ovetuned, need a reduction in 1 of 2 things: damage or poise damage.
By Anonymous
Caestus R2 is so strong for PvE, turns banished knights into a joke.
By Anonymous
back in my day, the slow weapons did the most damage.
By Anonymous
In what day? You never seen ds1 sunlight blade buffed faction, ds2 buffed katanas or ds3 sells swords twinblades?
By Anonymous
Yeah, back when giant slow weapons were actually good and worth using and weren't outdamaged by weapons less than half their size and weight
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