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By Anonymous
these things are insane after 1.08 patch. from might want to consider bringing the poise damage back down or something
By Anonymous
These might just be borederline op after the patch… as much as I love these dammed things…
By Anonymous
It's a shame there is no fist weapon that functions like the dark souls 2 bone fist, that would've been perfect for doing a "Hoarah Loux at home" build.
By Anonymous
No flying dragon kick and no hidoken blast, clearly infirior ways to solve problems vs the chad Bone Fists.
let me haymaker someone at least by two handing my fist
By Anonymous
They didn't even try, what the hell is moveset ? Why don't I punch faster than I can swing a straight sword ?
By Anonymous
the low weight and stat reqs lets you focus on defenses and hp
By Anonymous
give me Malenias Arm as a fist Weapon pls. I wanna punch people but at the same time show how rich Iam with my unalloyed gold
By Anonymous
Everyone in here talking about the bone fist is a treasure in this community.
By Anonymous
there should be a unique fist weapon called lobster claws that gives you the spitting attack the lobsters have as a unique ash of war. god tier weapon
By Anonymous
getting spit on would make people crabby
By Anonymous
So it would basically be a lobster version of the Bolt of Granssax
By Anonymous
there should be a lobster version of bolt of granssax
By Anonymous
hitting things shouldn't knock you back with fist weapons, if anything, it should pull you closer.
By Anonymous
if you use a scythe the distance it creates is perfect for the scythe's sweet spot. use a fist weapon on left hand and scythe on the right. you could also use it with a spear to create distance if an enemy closes in on you
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