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By Anonymous
For me, what stopping the questline is because of gostoc, i have to kill him then rest on the grace, then both nephelly and kenneth will be at the throne.
By DeathStrikeGaming
Killing gostic does not prevent progress you must make sure all sub quests have progressed for them all to be at the throne or killed so their sub quest is considred finished. You must speak to Margott after defeating him at the throne in the capital, if Nepheli Loux is alive and you have given her the hawk then you must speak to Giddion to "get her back on her feet" causing her to leave the hold. at this point resting at the Godrick the Grafted grace will update their locations to the thrown. All NPC must be at the point for the movement for it to update. Alternativly if Nephili is dead for any reason but Gostic is alive then make sure his parts are progressed to be at the throne.
By Anonymous
If u kill Gostoc, u miss out on a 2nd dragon Smith stone
By Anonymous
you also need to speak with Morgott after the fight for Kenneth to show up in the throne room.
By Anonymous
In game full of Gideons, Dung-Eaters, Fias and Rannis, Kenneth actually is friendly and upstanding guy that looks out for the people and the land.

Pity his questline was cut.
By Anonymous
Just kill him
By Anonymous
guide is misleading. At the end of his quest he doesn't give you anything
By Anonymous
yo wheres my knighthood homie. i see you hiding in the safezone
By TarnishedGuy
I usually kill him after getting the Erdsteel dagger. The extra golden seed early game is more valuable than the ancient dragon stone he provides later.
By Anonymous
Ridiculous character. You don't need him in the Nepheli questline at all and he does nothing else.
By Anonymous
Hello? Is it Kenneth you're looking for?
By Anonymous
Cruel of the developers to have him drop a seed, he's probably been killed 1000's of times.
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