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By Anonymous
If you kill him you get a Golden Seed (source: I didn't like his attitude)
By Anonymous
What does pledging your services do?
By Anonymous
Seems it does nothing. It's just lip service, doesn't lock you into a game path.
By Anonymous
Thought of it as a covenant first.
By Anonymous
he dropped me golden seed when i killed him, he is just annoying so
By Anonymous
He drops a golden seed if you kill him. He talks about how he can't knight you as things are because he doesn't have the proper authority... So, I felt a little cheated. I wanted him to pay with his life. Gold seed is a good payment. ^^
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
No hidden quest with Kenneth and Nepheli for you then lol
By Anonymous
There is literally no reward for this quest. Just like there is essentially nothing rewarded for killing most bosses. Wtf.
By Anonymous
You are a cretin mongoloid
By Anonymous
You get the Erdsteel Dagger as a reward.
By Anonymous
I know the game just came out but does anyone know what he does after he said that he will begin his search for a proper lord? Will he leave the fort after reloading and appear somewhere else? does he give you more quest in the future? is this one quest for a dagger all he good for? personally I would like to know because I finished the first quest, got the dagger and now I'm considering if I should go ahead and kill him for the gold seed.
By vonallein
I talked to him after already clearing his fort and he gave me the dagger on the spot, however, travelling back to the fort I couldn't find him, tried fast forwarding the day but nothing happened.
By Anonymous
Have to quit out and reload.
By Anonymous
I found him at the top near where the boss was, he says very somberly that the fort is in sorry condition, and that he cannot knight me yet without the proper authority. And that he wants to search for a new Lord of the land.
By Anonymous
probably need to talk to him again
By Dustyprince1506
You have to clear his dialogue on the bridge after he gives you the dagger, in order to have him move to the fort.
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