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By Anonymous
Cheese’d Malenia with Mimic and dual Giants braid whips. She never saw it coming.
By Anonymous
Everyone disliking the comments fairly calling this **** overpowered are the same people who used the dupe glitch to be able to beat demons' souls. Post-nerf it is still only barely rivaled by Black Knife Tiche and Greatshield Soldiers leagues better than most other ashes. If only Flame of The Fell God got the Fromsoft legendary treatment.
By Anonymous
Anyone here from dark souls, who is also kinda disappointed that we can't have a mimic chest summon walking around with you, and spin kicking things to death on your adventure? Or am i alone in this one?

Don't get me wrong a summon that transforms into your build is awesome! Some people would even go and make persona refrences to it.

But I realy miss the mimic chests! They where unique, hilarious, and for invaders the greates friend on the battle field. T_T rip you amazing chests, you shall never be forgotten in my heart.
By Anonymous
(Sad mimic chest noise)

...I am the lord of all mimic chests...

...And one day... we'll return together... hour home in the the soulsborne games, bathed in the blood of our delicious victims...
By Anonymous
That feeling when mimic bro fights better than you do....
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By MrG2u
My mimic tear experience (post-nerf) has been positive It definitely feels like an easy-mode for a lot bosses. I'm a str-int build and if I have time, I usually summon the mimic tear in with the royal greatsword and then switch to the fallingstar beast jaw myself.

I do find it's pretty OP in most places, even when under-equipped. I was playing "fashion souls" and dressed it in cloth armor with a cross naginata+ stormcaller - and it made very good use of that setup. It was here that I realized that the mimic tear can be a decent "trainer". If you want to see how to use a weapon/ash optimally, equip a mimic with it and keep an eye on them. It's AI, and it's not perfect, but you can still learn a thing or two by watching it.

RE: Malenia - using your mimic is a double-edged blade for this fight. I had the Royal Greatsword equipped and maybe got lucky. When I spammed the weapon art, my mimic followed suit and Malenia had no response. However - if your mimic tear isn't aggressive enough, it will just be a source of healing for Malenia, so keep that in mind.
By Anonymous
Every time someone says Mimic is bad the response is "your build is bad, Mimic carried me through the game", I dunno about that, maybe the guys who need a powerful summon to hard carry them in every boss fight are the ones that have the bad builds?
By Anonymous
Nah. They're probably mages.
By Anonymous
Boss duo? Just summon your own self and become the boss!
By Anonymous
I'm going to hate-f*ck it
By Anonymous
Do you guys pronounce it as ‘teer’, as in crying, or ‘tare’, like a rip in clothes
By Anonymous
I pronouce it tear.
By Anonymous
Teer, like crying. I imagine them as a liquid drop (tear) of a silvery substance
By Anonymous
Sorcerer mimic is stupidly good haha
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