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By Anonymous
my own clone!
By Anonymous
This is a strength build dream
By Anonymous
Glad I hold off leveling Mind all game lol
By Anonymous
Where is the exact location of the imp statue door in Night's Sacred Ground? It's not a huge area but it's hard af to find D:
By Anonymous
Its in the room with the big ball and two of those dagger robed ppl. Up the ladder or before you drop down look around theres a pathway.
By Anonymous
I don't know the proper way of getting into the Sacred Ground, but I assume it's through parkouring starting from the Grace, and through the high part of the towers. After slowly progressing and going down, there should be an arch that we need to use cross the street. IIRC, it's somewhere after the arch and going in through the window.
By Anonymous
It's in the cathedral with the angry ball boi near the end. On the second floor to be precise. If I remember correctly, you have to go out a window and around, but i may be misremembering.
By Anonymous
If you got the Nights Sacred Ground site of grace, port there then backtrack up the stairs where the room is with the big ball. go up the ladder and its on the right wall. Big white fog wall
By Anonymous
Could this be a JoJo reference?
By Anonymous
By far the strongest ash for builds with low FP, basically an NPC but with good gear.
By Anonymous
This guy on +10 is on ****ing steroids. He actually soloes some easier bosses. It's my very own stand. Not to mention HE CAN USE ESTUS.
By Anonymous
This is probably the strongest spirit in the game based on your build. Slightly nerfed damage at the benefit of a monumental health bar with healing. Fantastic for melee builds who need an additional guy to draw aggro and basically 1.5x their damage with very little effort.
By Anonymous
By far the best one btw. makes a clone of you and it uses all your abilities, including ash of war and items on your quickslots, such as weapon buffs and healing items. Also does not require points in Mind, since it uses HP to summon it. just don't forget to heal to full when you summon it :) absolutely perfect for melee oriented builds but I think even casters would be very pleased with this summon.
By Anonymous
absolutely broken just got it did not upgrade it and it soloed whole room and i am not even talking about being capable of respeccing like 10+ points from mind since it eat hp
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