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By Anonymous
looks cool as hell
By Anonymous
does any1 know where this weapon location? cant find it ingame
By Anonymous
where location please
By Anonymous
found it in the Church of the Eclipse in the Mountaintops of the Giants zone
By Anonymous
Found at Castle Sol
By Anonymous
You find this on a body in Castle Sol, by the Church of the Eclipse Grace site.
By Anonymous
the death status effect doesn't work on anything.
By Anonymous
Can confirm that the status ailment does not seem to apply on anything. Think this weapon might be bugged.
By Anonymous
This **** is broken in pvp btw like even moreso than murky or any other weapon ever was. I would expect to see this changed in the near future.
By Anonymous
How is it broken?
By Anonymous
Yeah, i have it and it doesnt change much for pvp even if i can hit someone. I do t even dee the proc.
By Anonymous
Ya apparently this + Fire's Deadly Sin applies a Deathblight build up around the caster. Instantly killing someone next to them
By Anonymous
I have it and it doesnt do much of anything. Never proced when i use it. Though apparently there are combos fornit to work with other abilities.
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