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By Anonymous
I’m on my first playthrough of Elden Ring right now and this weapon has been my right-hand man for roughly 55 out of the 65+ hours I’ve put in so far. I’m taking things slow (this is sort of my first proper fromsoft game), but I ****in love this sword and I think I’ll keep using it for many more hours to come. I’m glad to see other people hold it in high regard as well
By Anonymous
Very good vs Malenia
By FurryLicker
It's not a particularly pretty piece of rusty iron, but it gets the job done.
By Anonymous
Ah yes, ol’ reliable
By Anonymous
F**** yeah. The only weapon that teaches you how to truly play the game. Just saw someone wielding this run into Godfrey's second phase aoe where he tears up the ground. Then I went over to Radagon and saw someone apply Bloodflame Blade to it. He died in one hit. Y'all are geniuses.
By Anonymous
Really mediocre, the problem with 99% of from weapons are the boring moveset. This one could have been cool but u should be invulnerable both when u back up and when u dash forward. Considering heavy armor are ugly as **** and enemies are not fair at all. This is a bad weapon. Cheap version of the bloody helice
By Anonymous
I disagree. At high Str and Dex scaling, this thing hits hard. I'm at like 861 AR 60/60. Makes in the highest damage non-colossal weapon. You can swing a so many times with it, compared to colossal weapons, so your effective DPS is much higher than you think.
By Anonymous
The sheer ratio going on here.
By Anonymous
Bloody helice is for cringers who think they are stylish
By Anonymous
I gave you a +1 cause I felt bad lookin at that raio.
By Anonymous
The bloodhound step literally has iframes. During the time your character is not visible you are literally immune to damage.
By Anonymous
lmao the only upvote was out of pity
By Anonymous
lmao the only upvote was out of pity
By Anonymous
You gotta be trolling...
By Anonymous
This is an overwhelming rapid fire of highly suspect, extremely trash takes. You could write an essay parsing out what this comment says about you
By Anonymous
"u should be invulnerable both when u back up and when u dash forward." well have I got some news for you!

By Anonymous
This weapon is really good.
By Anonymous
Damn. People love this thing so much they pulled up the motion values. Lmao.

Anyway, in case anyone is confused, 118 is the MV for the 1 handed jump R1, 142 is the MV for the 1 handed jumping R2 and 128 and 151 are the 2 handed MV for 2hjR1 and 2hjR2 respectively.

However, do note that there are plenty of other infusable weapons with higher than average MV.
By Anonymous
I still don't get how MVs work. For example, if an attack has 100 MV, does that mean it will deal 100% of the weapon's AR on that hit? Is that how it works?
By Anonymous
Motion Value is a multiplier to your damage. Having for example 200AR and attacking with R1 (MV 118) you deal 236 dmg. A R2 attack (MV 142) you deal 284 dmg minus enemy defenses of course
By Anonymous
Yes, MVs are just damage multiplies that apply to different attacks. Your weapon always has the same AR, but some attacks do more or less damage, and this difference is due to the different MVs of different attacks.

So you take your weapon AR, and multiply it by the specific MV for an attack (eg. "jumping R2") and the final damage is calculated that way. Of course there are other factors, like enemy defense, but as far as you're concerned AR*MV= damage.
By Anonymous
This weapon is so much fun! The L2 ability makes me feel like I'm playing a character action game. I wish more weapons had moves like this one.
By Anonymous
Try Bloody Helice, has a similar dodge and thrust L2 + R2 combo.
By Anonymous
Nice quality weapon great in early game and late game
Not the best for pvp and aow is terrible against enemies who parry
By Anonymous
wait isnt the aow unparryable?
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