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By Anonymous
Does great damage even on a sec build with just enough strength to one-hand it. However, I’d say if you’re planning on using this as a main weapon, level strength to 20-25, just to get some of those bigger jumps in damage.
By Anonymous
For some reason this feels like a knock off Bloodborne weapon and I'm loving it
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
A phenomenal weapon. I mained this my first playthrough. Awesome damage & bleed, great quality scaling, and one of the best Ashes of War. The only downside I can think of is that the poise damage is low (it's a curved greatsword, they all lack poise damage). The only time I switched to something else was when I need to deal different damage types for bosses (Large Club for strike & Cross-Naginata for pierce/thrust). Get this & its requirements ASAP, it will not let you down at any point of the game.
By Anonymous
The weapon art is soooo deliciously hot. Doing a high power strong attach only to dash backwards then dash back in with i-frames to deal another is just... oh... *mwah*
By Anonymous
Stronger than even "quality" colossal weapons like Ghiza's Wheel and Axe of Godfrey, at all levels. There are no quality builds in this game, only bloodhound fang builds
By Anonymous
Try dragons halberd. Primarily strength, but that���s a quality weapon
By Anonymous
Dragons halberd is a good quality weapon.
By Anonymous
As good as I feel I do with this weapon, my mimic tear absolutely kicks butt with it!
By Anonymous
This thing's damage is absurd. At 65/65 +10 1H it has 840 AR. Quality Beastman Cleaver is 749, Omen Cleaver is 746, Zamor Curved Sword is a measly 696. All the way up to 99/99 +10 2H, it gets close to 100 more AR than any other CGS. And they don't have inherent bleed, some are shorter, some of them can't be buffed, etc. I honestly wonder if it's a mistake.
By Anonymous
this is the drake sword of this game and history will vindicate me
By JillLloyd
It's the drakesword if it also had scaling
By Anonymous
Just beat the game with it. Absolutely gorgeous weapon
Lacks a bit poise damage on big mobs but that's only downside
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