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By Anonymous
i think its my favorite weapon. I use it on ng+4 and it still does good damage, especially when dual, and its not too slow. bloodhounds finesse deals respectable damage, i recommend using this
By Anonymous
Was this called darrawil's nail in the first version of the game or am I imagining things?
By Anonymous
Noobs new L2 stick

Luckily it is the easiest thing to dodge in the game
By Anonymous
This weapon single handedly makes the other martial (str/dex) only curved greatswords worthless, atleast for PvE. Has a good ash of war, very high base damage, base bleed, is buffable and has better scaling than all the other curved greatswords, even on quality infusion. Even at 55 str and minimum dex requirements, it has nearly the same AR has a heavy omen cleaver (the str CGS), + base bleed on top of it.

The only reason to never run this on a str/dex/quality build over the other curved greatswords is if you like the other curved greatswords movesets (very unlikely, since the R2s of the omen cleaver are bad), or if you want to use some specific ash of war instead of bloodhound's finesse.
By Anonymous
I see everyone using this at the start of their playthroughs, apparently completely ignoring that it is a slash-only weapon and slash is the worst type of attack vs armor in the game. would honestly recommend using Large Club for the raw damage or Morning Star/Flail for the bleed. you can get both of them just as much if not even earlier + they can have the better Lion's Claw ash of war. Also i dont think i should be pointing this one out cuz its pretty obvious, but Great Stars is an obvious substitute later on, at early-mid game.
By Anonymous
ta cheta.....
By Anonymous
Seemingly staggers Malenia every 2nd hit, making her a joke
By Anonymous
The AoW is pretty op. Imo Mainly because of how little the fp cost is for the damage it does. I love this weapon but balance wise it can be tuned down alittle. I mean I remember taking almost 20 percent off of Godrick’s health with the AoW when I buffed with just howl of shabriri. My stats weren’t even dedicated for a quality or dex build lol.
By Anonymous
When people ask why you should make a quality build, you show them this.
By Anonymous
Insane how predictable and easy to parry are people using this weapon in PvP. Nothing but mindlessly spamming that AoW with followup.
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