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By Anonymous
Comet Azur, 6-10 seconds, no damage, no blocking, rolling, moving, done and dusted.
By Anonymous
Ringed finger! The weapon art does mucho damage to this guy. Use it with brass shield to block when he does his spinny pink long jump at you. Once I figured this out I killed him in a couple of tries.
By Anonymous
This guy's design is so ****ing cool, i love him
By Anonymous
Bruh. Why is this mf so fast?

Dude was bloodborne dodging my attacks graciously as a feather as if he was an airbender or something.

It's kinda bs because big enemies already have funny hitboxes, you're basically chewing their ankles like you're a chihuahua dog, and then they decided to give this rocky goliath boi the speed of a black knife assassin Lmao

Want to keep your distance and fight ranged? Lol watch as he closes the gap in a second, dude is the size of a small building.

8/10 would fight again.
By Anonymous
good ol' goygiles
By Anonymous
I love how the one in Caelid basically foreshadows Gurranq's true identity.
It might be a **** boss, but the attention to details is amazing.
By Anonymous
Absolute nightmare to fight in the early game. Cheese, avoid, or be prepared for a tough fight.
By Anonymous
Just kill him at level 40-50 with great glinstone shard and meteoric staff. He can't break through the left column.
By Anonymous
Thought this was a boss. Attacking this guy at the beastial sanctum makes the death root guy mad at you!
By Anonymous
At lvl 115 with 25 fth and 30 arc + marika's scarseal, dragon communion seal +6 I just spammed dragonmaw on the bestial sanctum version while it was busy trying to land a hit on Latenna perched on the nearby tree. You get plenty openings and can easily just run away and let latenna aggro it again.
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