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By Anonymous
At lvl 115, 43 vig, 17 mind, 25 fth, 31 arc - dragon communion seal +6, Marika's scarseal. Plant latenna on the tree where a branch is coming out. My latenna is only +4. Now approach from the sanctum, use dragonmaw. When he aggros, pull off and latenna will aggro him, he'll keep trying to reach latenna and fail in most of his combos, take your time munching on him with dragonmaw. Even if he poise breaks just spam the maw on him. Took me like 5-7ish minutes
By Anonymous
Why does this **** do so much damage
By Anonymous
I’m no expert player by any means, but I managed to beat both of these guys. Around Lvl 125, +19 Great Stars, Raptors chest, jump attack talisman, stamina recovery talisman being the main equipment. The Hp increments from landing a Great Stars hit saved my *** in a few cases. Avoided him during twinblade phase and tried to stay close during axe phase and land jump attacks after his combo. Brass Shield for blocking.
By Anonymous
The only time I ever bothered with these guys was on my very first playthrough. Otherwise, unless you really, desperately want their gear, there's nothing to be gained other than a massive headache fighting these guys. Even then, maybe just ask a friend to drop the stuff to ya lol.
By Anonymous
I just avoid these. They're not worth fighting.
By Anonymous
Frack this guy man, my god.

I haven't had a fight that took me that long since fume knight

and all the comments say he's so easy.

yet that golem thats down low near the dragon area, everyone says he's so hard, he was easy

By Anonymous
Beat this guy with a colossal sword +12 at level 60. I think this is probably my number one hardest fight for the first part of the game, especially since you can face him so early. Once I got his attack patterns, he was really satisfying to finally beat. And he drops like 90k runes!
By Anonymous
Playing crouch goblin between his knees worked out for me pretty well. Had Lunetta around a corner on his right and that made it easier to hold aggro as the distance was quite long between them.
By Anonymous
Anyone else feel like they were fighting the camera and this boss's hitbox more than anything else? The number of times I would swing and miss his legs was almost unbearable.

Please. Put some freaking target lock points elsewhere on this boss.
By Anonymous
At level 50 i changed my flasks to all fp and thunder then hide rince and repeat took me 20 minutes maybe more if tou do this make absolutely sure you dont get greedy sometimes it feels like he knows you are cheesing him and waits for a super fast attack be carefull
By Anonymous
he is vulnerable to magic, use GGS
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