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By Anonymous
Run out of stamina?... Endure then look at them menacingly while recover stamina bar.
By Anonymous
Did you know that this things lets you face tank a point-blank Wave of Destruction from the Ruins GS without even flinching? Well now you do. Forget the how, why in Marika's name is this even a thing. Why. Just... why.
By Anonymous
Wah wah, why can't i just kill everyone in one hit
By Anonymous
Endure into Inescapable Frenzy, son. I cast it in response to brainless mashing. You can't gank me, Jack.
By Anonymous
What happens if you cast this and also raise your shield? Will you potentially stagger opponents with heavier weapons (i.e crucible knight) ? Or will the shield just block the effect from even being used?
By Anonymous
You can put it on your shield. Then it seems like (I haven’t used it) the enemy would bounce back and be open for a counter.
By Anonymous
This thing is a monster for PvP with thrusting swords or fist weapons. These weapons rely on many hits simultaneously and stack well with talismans which boost successive attacks, but it is super easy to get poise broken without using this.
By Anonymous
what is the best weapon to use it on?
By Anonymous
Straight Swords
By Anonymous
Greathammers and colossal: it sucks

Claws/fists: slaps
By Anonymous
Rusted anchor. It is one of the best weapons to trade dmg.
By Anonymous
Use this if you want to actually cast incantions in this game. I tried resisting but it's absurd how easy this makes it to use some of the spells in this game. Very nice being able to face tank all the hard bosses and watching fall in the face of my power, do note you will die quick if you get caught in a combo though.
By Anonymous
using endure near the end of the duration DOES NOT reset the duration
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