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By Anonymous
Black Knight Greatsword type vibe
By Anonymous
Lasts for a total of 0.05 seconds
By Anonymous
Actually ~3 Mississippis.
By Anonymous
Just tested the Mississippi count. He's right.
By Anonymous
1 of those Mississippis is used by the activation
By Anonymous
Hell yeah, poise whenever you want.
By Anonymous
Saw this in the shop in Spiked Caestus fist weapon
By YA_Tarnished
lads, this is the unfaltering prayer you have been waiting for.
By Anonymous
Based on testing on crossbow bolts... Halves the damage that comes through armor.
Damage must come before you hit the sword to the ground.
By Anonymous
Good if you want to block an attack but aren't presently using a shield in the off hand. Damage reduction is pretty strong and against some attacks that have big stagger (like 2h knights doing the lunge that launches you) you will stand your ground. Will get you killed on attacks with fast follow-ups/multiple swings that usually knock you down, like Leonid's double swing (would normally launch you and the second attack whiffs). Has the weird issue of competing with guard countering using a Barricade ash on a shield to negate damage then punish.
By Anonymous
Anyone know how long this lasts? The effect itself fades quickly but I've noticed the buff stays even if the effect fades
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
lasts almost nothing. good thing too or n00bs would spam it like they did BKS or caestus in DS3
By Anonymous
It was the go-to against R1 Spammers, get rekt
By Anonymous
It was, and still is, the go-to against R1 Spammers. Get rekt.
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