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i find this npc is boring
By Anonymous
much spelling
By Anonymous
Very well designed character and I love his' voice acting. Going from a young unexperienced rich knight looking for his' servant to then become an manipulated knight believing to have the strength of champions under the banor of Volcano Manor and then become the potentate of jarbug and savior of Jar-bairn.

He was worthy the title of Hoslow. He fought for a cause he really believed in and in the end saved the one Jar who really cared about him. Which might be the only person who really cared about him in the end.

Rest in peace for a good character.
By Anonymous
***** I never touched Lanya!
By Anonymous
So, Lanya is just a mentioned-only person? No NPC out there called Lanya?
By Anonymous
You can see Diallos standing by her corpse in Liurnia
By Anonymous
I totally forgot about him after everything that's going on in Redmane and Raya, maybe that's why i never see him with this Lanya corpse, i also totally missed his quest in Vol Manor, didn't know he got a sidequest there, missed Bernahl's quest too, f*ck the Manor.
By Anonymous
When is Diallos not a door?

When he's ajar.
By Anonymous
I' m at the end of the game, completed Volcano Manor and got Jar-Bairn to talk about poachers. But no matter what I do, Diallos does not appear.
By Anonymous
Im at the end of the game now and he appeared for me but no matter what I do I can’t get the end of his quest to trigger. Completed Volcano Manor, small jar coz talked about poachers…but nothing happens.
By Anonymous
I think you just have to keep sitting down at the site of grace to reload the area. You might have to do it multiple times
By Anonymous
Just had this problem. If you get the part about poachers before Diallos in jn Jarburg, he will not be there to defend when the poachers attack. You must make him move to Jarberg before you advance Jar Bairns quest. If the poachers attack before Diallos is there both quest are broken.
By Anonymous
Some notes I've observed that aren't really spelled out here:
* You have to engage with Alexander to some extent (not sure if you need to go as far as I did) before Jar-Bairn well mention poachers, regardless of Diallos' progress. I completed the second Volcano Manor letter and got Diallos to leave there, but until I talked with Alexander after the Radahn Festival (did not interact with him before triggering the Festival), Jar-Bairn did not mention poachers (after mentioning Alexander). After that, resting at the Site of Grace got Diallos to show up.
* No time needs to pass for any of these stages. The only stage that wasn't progressed by simply reloading the zone at a Site of Grace was triggering the actual poacher attack, which required resetting another zone via Site of Grace. I traveling to the Artist's Shack nearby, rest at the Site of Grace, then traveled back and rest at the Jarberg Site.
* The post-attack Jarberg has three stages: 1. Jar-Bairn is up the hill from a dying Diallos. Exhaust all dialog of both of them. 2. After exhausting all dialog from both, Jar-Bairn will be over Diallos' dead body (I'm assuming he's consuming the corpse like Alexander does to Radahn?). No new dialog from Jar-Bairn. 3. Jar-Bairn is back at his initial position, Diallos' body is gone and items will be there. Again, you do not need to pass any time, just rest at the Site of Grace.
By Anonymous
When he moves to Jarburg, his map marker changes from Knight Diallos to Potentate Diallos.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
That's the cutest thing I've ever seen.
By Anonymous
Something to note that happened to me is that if you join the volcano manor before talking to Melina to go to the roundtable, Diallos never spawns so you cant start his quest.
By Anonymous
At that point you're intentionally going out of your way to meet those conditions.
There's no way someone will do that in a regular playthrough.
By vivs73
Aug 11 someone wants to grab spear hunter and somber stones that seems p reasonable
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