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By Anonymous
I met him north of the "Academy Gate Town" point of grace.
he stands near his dead comrade and says that the tale of house Hoslow is told in blood and that he'll deliver the message.
don't know if you can actually save Lanya.
By Anonymous
i found him near academy gate town mourning a dead lanya
By Anonymous
After finding him beside layna, he's back at the roundtable with a new dialogue, stating the location of the recusants who killed her.
By Anonymous
i accidentally attacked him after he found lanya so i had to kill him and he dropped a helmet and a whip
By Anonymous
i also tried using the atonement statue at the church of vows in order to revive him but it said i had nothing to atone for, maybe he’s a bad guy lol
By Anonymous
He dropped Diallo's Mask and Hoslow's Petal Whip
By Anonymous
Did he drop the armor too?
By Anonymous
You need to attone before killing him, which will de-agro i belive, once he is dead he is dead for good
By Hexyous
I'd post more but while I was trying to write down his quotes I tabbed in and out of the game too many times and set him off by clicking back in and unfreezing the game to slash him in the face.
By Anonymous
Does anyone know who's the voice actor? Sounds similar to Iwan Rheon to me.
By Anonymous
Ok nevermind, must have been primed by RR Martin. It is Peter Caulfield according to IMDB and the voice totally matches.
By Anonymous
i thought it was Kit Harrington, but maybe im getting my british voices mixed up. the dude looks straight up like a Jon Snow cameo, even looking for his ���little tomboy��� sister (or was it servant?)
By Anonymous
where i need to go after ?
By Anonymous
after finding his servant he moves back to the round table, talk to him then he'll appear at volcano manor
By Anonymous
Where in the manor
By Anonymous
dunno if this helps. but i basically ran north until the last roof, and took a sharp turn westward and ran til i found him
By Anonymous
Big thanks man, I hate these goddamn swamps so much.
By Anonymous
After you speak to him in Academy Gate Town (where he mourns Lanya), he returns to Round Table Hall. He says he tracked down the culprits, and that they are "located on Mount Geslow, west of the Town of Windmills". I'm searching for this location, so that's as far as I got.
By Anonymous
Spelling correction

It is Mount Gelmir (story location)
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