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By Anonymous
Where can I find this?
By Anonymous
Where do you find this?
By Anonymous
Where do you get this?
By Anonymous
Anyone know where to find this?
By Anonymous
Wow, that must be a great curved for it to be selected as an icon for curved swords.
By Anonymous
This drops from scavengers in MT. GELMIR
By Anonymous
also in altus tunnel, but no luck so far dropping it. is it super rare?
By Anonymous
Did it drop for you or are you just assuming? Far as I can tell there's just one.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
PSA! HE IS LYING. This does NOT drop from scavengers. As of April, it drops only from the short enemies in front of bestial sanctum
By Anonymous
I found one on a body near a grafted Scion , Just after the Corpse-Stench Shack. On Mt Gelmir
By Lowly_Hollow
I've been farming for this in atlus tunnel with 30 ARC for an hour without luck. Drop rate is either really low or this guy doesn't drop it.
By Anonymous
idk how to edit the wiki or apply to but its found on a body on Mt Gelmir if you follow the road from Bridge of Iniquity up 2 ladders it will be where a grafted scion jumps down on you.
By Anonymous
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