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By Anonymous
You listen to me right now. Come here and sit down. Forget every other post. I'm going to tell you why this right here is the most stupid weapon in the game. Look at me. The 'r e a s o n' that this weapon doesn't come in a pair is because they're 's t u p i d' powerful to the point the game isn't fun anymore. The sheer damage that comes out of these blades when blood infused is so appalling that you can get away with having 40 dex/40 strength and that's all you need besides upgrades. Listen to me. I deal 1 3 0 0 damage. 2 2 0 0 damage when I just ultra proc bleed with these things. Forget arcane, arcane is either useless or OVERKILL because what they dont tell you is that you attack 4 times with a jump attack which is going to net you 70-80% of the bleed it actually tells you and it basically one-shots most enemies or finishes them in mere seconds. Listen very closely for a second: THIS SWORD WHEN DUAL WIELDED IS BROKEN. I am on NG+3, basically no build and I scavenge the souls out of my enemies so hard I think their ancestors feel it. Yes, sure, I have sword talisman, prothesis and rotten winged talisman along with claw talisman and ravenmount chest piece but that's just semantics. I dont need them to kill things because here's the thing. If I hit 4 times in ONE attack motion, it doesn't matter what gear I have. And they say Elden ring is 'h a r d' no. Not with two of these. Hell I didn't even put frost on one them. All these katana user nerfs all over the place and I'm over here dancing around with these blades not even minmaxing blood exultation and surgeon mask and all my enemies hear before they die is 'TACTICAL NUKE INCOMING' before everything goes black. I cant even imagine pvp because if I hit you just once, goodbye health bar. The only thing keeping you from utterly breaking the game are shielded enemies and all that makes you do is side step them for a dash attack and slice them up assassins creed style. There is a reason there's only one of these swords per game. Though if you wanted to mirror this, stick with bloodstained daggers, yeah the range is far lower but its the same result if you're standing next to them or nicking them when you can.
By Anonymous
Bleed infused beastman curved swords outperform it on a strength/arc build
By Anonymous
I read this as an aggressive post and that made reading this 10x better.
By Anonymous
You have opened my eyes with this review.
By Anonymous
Incredible weapons for arcane builds. Pairs very well with Kindred of Rot's Exultation, Lord of Blood's Exultation, and White Surgeon Mask for combined 50% damage boost in PVE.
By Raii
Wait, so how does this infusion work? It says you can you grease or Bloodflame Blade inc. if you don't have an ash of war? How the hell does that work, is it worth using the sepukku ash with occult or nothing with bloodflame?
By Anonymous
Infusing it with blood does nothing. Infuse it with occult if you want to be a bit mindless. Or with no infusion/heavy, etc. It’s better to use blood flame, both because it looks cool but it also does more. You just have to keep reapplying it.
By Anonymous
You can still use an ash with blood flame. You just can’t make it an elemental infusion. Occult included. So, you could use bloodflame while using spinning slash or whatever
By Anonymous
i love how it looks
By Anonymous
So in my first playthrough, I can pretend to be kenpachi from bleach, then on my second go around I can pretend to be inosuke from demon slayer?
By Anonymous
You can pretend to be any anime boy you want.
By Anonymous
I like these on a bleed build. 2 of these (with seppuku) and you can kill invaders with 1-2 running LBs! LOL!
By Anonymous
to the invaders who downvoted this: did you expect your invadees to treat you with any respect whatsoever lol?
By Anonymous
Kill those invaders!
By Anonymous
I’m surprised by the downvotes. The game treats invaders as trash and literally says “show them no mercy”. What do you expect?
By Anonymous
I shall hunt you down from the shore’s of Limgrave to the snowy reaches of the Mountain top. Revenge shall be had..
By Anonymous
Dont forget that for this to work you need at least 1 other phantom or blue helping you (better have 2 just to be even more safe), cause otherwise you are done if you are alone with the invader.
By Anonymous
Yes use white ring on at all times :) you will not die to invading player
By Anonymous
learn to play like an alpha before you comment.
By Anonymous
I ran through my first playthrough with two of these. While it's not the optimal build I seriously enjoyed putting poison on one, and frost on the other. Getting a nice trifecta of buildup and I always come back to these since it feels just so satisfying to really stick it to a boss or enemy by giving them every disease possible with standard buildup.
By Anonymous
How did you get 2 on your first play through?
By Anonymous
I'm assuming you're including the first playthrough as new game+1 because afaik you can only get this item once per game
By Anonymous
By timico
I'm on a Dex/Faith build with a Black Knife and a Bloodhound's Fang, however I feel like I should change my Bloodhound for a Faith scaling sword (I like swords) and move all my Dex points to a fully Faith build. Since this Scavenger scales B on Faith with Flame+25 and Sac+25, are these paths good enough to leave behind my Bloodhound?
By Anonymous
Fun fact, Arcane focused Dual wielded scavenger curved swords infused with Occult + Seppuku deals higher AR & Bleed buildup than blood infused Dual Godskin peelers.
By Anonymous
Wait can you get two of these soo u can dual weild
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Ignore the commentor below; they're clearly suffering from a the lower cognitive functions. Yes. You can get two of these. It just requires NG+.
By Anonymous
Maybe he was asking if he can dual wield them in the first playthrough.
Not everyone likes to play NG+ and ultra late game, Mr Cognitive Man

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