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By Soundless_Scream
You could use this spell......OR you could use PKCS and never die
By Anonymous
By gunsogiroro
its a DS3 joke about the Pontif Knight Sword.
By Anonymous
Pontiff Knight Curved Sword
By Anonymous
this spell now requires 5 FP ?
By Anonymous
It has a special animation that seems shorter than the normal one after things like rolling, blocking and running. Flies very fast with slightly better tracking than pebble.
By Anonymous
Op spell, even better than pebble I would say
By Anonymous
Compared to most other Glintstone spells, this one will not let you walk around while casting it. You will be completely immobile while rapidly casting. However, on horseback, you get the opposite effect - the horse is able to run while casting, whereas other spells slow the horse down to a walk.
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By Azareis
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This spell is far more mobile than other Glintstone spells, as it functions exactly like throwing knives and has jump, running, and dodge attacks.
By Anonymous
Less tracking than pebble, same casting time, but it travels much faster. I can see some uses, but i dont know if it will be a staple spell...
By Anonymous
try it on horseback, its way more useful there because your horse doesnt slow down when you cast it, unlike regular pebble. the added mobility is worth the reduced damage imo
By Anonymous
You can cast it while jumping. The lower damage and cost give it similar efficiency to pebble, but it has a little less range to make up for its faser cast and projectile speed. It still has more range than the great version.
By Anonymous
Amazing spell on horseback. Travels fast, low fp cost, decent damage and the horse can still run while you cast
By Anonymous
I did some testing and came up with some numbers. --

Casting Time: 0.8s / Damage Per Normal Hit: 118 / Casts Per Stamina Bar: 12

|| Attribute Points:
Vigor 10
Mind 19
Endurance 13
Strength 10
Dexterity 12
Intelligence 36
Faith 7
Arcane 15

|| Base Stats:
FP 96
Stamina 97
Equip Load 29.7 / 52.9
Poise 17
Discovery 115

|| Equipment:
Astrologer's Staff +8