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By Anonymous
Casters who use this spell in PvP are extremely difficult to beat. Casters who don't, aren't.
By Anonymous
Lets see.

Basically no FP and stamina cost.
Does like 400-500hp.
Lightning fast. Basically no recovery time.
Insanely spammable.
Basically unstrafable unless you are running perfectly perpendicular to it.

Now tell me this isnt busted in PvP.
By Anonymous
I shoot this at people once at the start of the fight to get them panicked in a duel then I just troll them with rock blaster
By Anonymous
slicer but ranged. needs a nerf yesterday
By Anonymous
why the **** does this get to do the damage of a colossal weapon? blue dex being blue dex as usual lmao
By Anonymous
Is this spell toxic to PvP balance? Yes. But with how often and easily mages get bullied into submission for daring to cast anything else, I say this is Justice
By Anonymous
Thought bestial sling was bad. This can land 3-4 times in a row at medium range since it’s fast enough to input cancel your opponent. Meaning every time he presses the roll button, he’s already been hit by the next one and roll queue resets. It’s also too fast for erdtree great shield since it has a slight windup and latency is a factor. My cleric now uses this at 14 int specifically for giving mages a taste of their own medicine. Even at 14 int, the free damage/poise check makes this spell worth it. Needs balancing.
By Anonymous
Nice to see a smidge of agility and movement in projectile spellcasting. More of this please. I hope one day we'll have a staff with a magic damage heavy attack to use in a pinch instead of that silly bonk on the head.

Kinda like the wing of astel heavy attack, but only once with much less damage. Having a mid range source of free magic damage would add great value to a staff users repertoire.
By Anonymous
Gift Slintstone Shard.
By Anonymous
VERY good for catching people in their flask drinks, cant count how many times ive sniped a phantom or host taking a sip for 300 damage and killed them