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By Hybridsolly
I think the Cheese is patched? I got him to fall off but when i got back on the bridge he just teleported back
By Anonymous
I did it just now. He fell twice and reset with no damage before it finally worked and killed him the third time.
By Anonymous
I just did it today, successfully. Just had to be patient and stay close until he did a jump attack and slid down to his death
By Anonymous
9 encounters huh reminds me of something
By Anonymous
I wont lie, if one of them dropped a ring, or a broken dagger I would have lost it.
By Anonymous
Having defeated all of them, I gotta say... Fighting them on Horseback is akin to a circus act. A bizarre dance you don't really know how to feel about.
By Anonymous
I've been hit and miss with the night's cavalry. I know I can kill them, but they have the same intimidation factor for me now as they did the first time I saw one. when it notices me then stops the horse and stares at me just before charging me down, it always gets my adrenaline pumping and I make mistakes then die. I've been at leyndell for a while, but I only saw the worth of the guard counter in the shunning grounds. I thought it might be worth trying on the night's cavalry near the 'altus highway junction' grace and the one I've been having most trouble with near 'lenne's rise' grace in dragonbarrow, it worked a treat. using the guard counter made light work of both of them, I had the curved sword, dragoncrest shield, greatshield and carian filigreed crest talismans equipped and a brass shield with 'barricade shield' AoW it was very effective. 'barricade shield' doesn't just block the night's weapon, it works on the horse's attacks as well, the horse's attacks can also be guard countered. the one using a flail on the road near the 'altus highway junction' grace is the easiest of the two to kill using the guard counter, the one near 'lenne's rise' grace in dragonnarrow has a glaive, the barricade shield works just as well to block its attacks as it does with the flail, but this one has a combo that can hit you either in the middle of or just after hitting it with a guard counter. it needs a bit more care, but it does ride some distance to turn around and come back for another attack giving enough time to use at least one flask. I don't know how effective this strategy would be without barricade shield to mitigate the stamina hit you would otherwise take from blocking their attacks, but once you've got that you'll be golden. the curved sword talisman is in stormveil castle past margit. if anyone is having trouble with them I recommend trying this. I can't see it working in consecrated snowfield fighting two at the same time though.
By Anonymous
Nazgul vibes.
By Anonymous
maybe a coincide that they are 9 night cavalry in the game but it could be a reference to the 9 Nazgul that are in lotr especially in the trailer they looked really similar.
By Anonymous
There are 10 though. The consecrated snowfield is a duo boss
By Anonymous
Nope definitely a coincidence just because there are 9 doesnt mean they are "rEfErEnCe" to lotr universe now stfu. Tired of people like you!
By Anonymous
It's now a confirmed reference (the horse has bones labeled "Nazgul"- Zullie the Witch) so no it's not a coincidence :)
By Anonymous
Man was so angry that he felt the need to reply in sheer annoyance.
By Anonymous
It literally says on here the source files for these guys is labeled Nazgul, and because of LOTR From Soft has wanted to add these guys since Dark Souls 1. Now get a grip, why Miyazaki liking Tolkien triggers you idk
By Anonymous
if all the nights cavalry are male then that means there are just male black knifes cause they have both really edgy armor's and there lead by a demi god
By Anonymous
who says they're all male? the black knives are explicitly stated to be women, but it says nothing about the night's cavalry. No reason some of them can't be women. Or even all of them, if you want.
By Anonymous
I don't believe the assassins were lead by a demigod only assisted by ranni and potentially marika
By Anonymous
More like "Nine for Mortal Men, doomed to die,"
By Anonymous
somehow killed the weeping peninsula one by just going towards the frenzy villiage
By Anonymous
If you didn't kill the golem, his arrows may have killed it perhaps?
By Anonymous
It's a glitch tah should wor wit every cavalier. Game gase some sort of land rendering range. Rendering range is much bigger in front of your camera vision and smaller behind it. Every night cavalier has it's starting point. If you lure him far enough without looking back, you make land under his starting point disappear. Then making him teleport back to starting point make him fall into void killing him.
By Anonymous
found my first one in the rain and his horse was so cool
By Anonymous
Probably an unpopular opinion, but these guys are so much easier to fight on foot. Keep your shield up, block an attack, and get yours in. Really only have to watch out for the side shove move - otherwise you can get his health down pretty low before knocking him off the horse. He will always run away and give you time to rebuild your stamina - just gotta do the patience dance
By Anonymous
Same thing, I've always struggled on horseback
By Anonymous
I agree 100%. After trying both Torrent & on foot, once I tried the guy in Dragonbarrow I realized they're much not manageable on foot and they have huge openings to heal, buff up, or grease your weapon...just gotta be patient to roll their attacks and then get a jump heavy. Also, flame of redmane (tested in consecrated snowfield with the double variety) takes off huge chunks of their health and allows you to bait them in close and follow up with two hits of your own.
By Anonymous
Or just exploit their pathfinding. When I was fighting the one in Dragonbarrow it ended up on the other side of a wall on the north part of the bridge. When I started to go south it ran off the cliff in an attempt to follow me, thus resulting in instant death for it. It was quite funny and completely unexpected.
By Anonymous
I agree, if you can kill the one in weeping peninsula for the 'barricade shield' AoW first, the others become much easier to deal with, (but not the duo in consecrated snowfield) barricade shield costs 12 FP to use, gives a heater or brass shield tier 4 hardness, and lasts 5 secs but the true value is the reduced hit you take to stamina when blocking even heavy attacks. pair that AoW with the spear talisman to boost guard counters and it makes dealing with them much simpler, if barricade shield is active, it wont just block the night's attacks, but the horse's as well, meaning those can then be guard countered too. winner, winner, chicken dinner.
By Anonymous
I think every fight is easier--or at least more satisfying--on foot. Riding around in circles trying to get in hits always felt like cheese to me, but worse, it just feels awkward. Plus you can't dodge effectively. The only time I use Torrent in battle is for closing distance or avoiding dragon breath. Or for one-shotting mobs as I ride passed them.
By Anonymous
If you use the 'barricade shield' AoW even on a medium sized shield, all the horse's separate attacks can be blocked and make a guard counter possible from it as well. It will protect you from that side shove with very little damage to your stamina bar as long as you have cast it on the shield when the horse does it.
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