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By Boldberry
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The one at Limgrave near the bridge only dropped the Ash, not the Glaive. I've checked my inventory.
By Anonymous
Can confirm. Killed him on horseback while he was on horseback. Does he need to be dismounted to get the drop?
By Anonymous
Killed him dismounted, no halberd drop
By Anonymous
The one north of raya lucaria dropped the glaive for me
By Anonymous
Any idea on how to get the armor?
By Anonymous
Just killed one in Limgrave, didn't drop a halberd, only an ash of war.
By Anonymous
Same as Boldberry. Looks like an optional drop. F.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Used lordsworn straight sword. Held R1 to put into stance and then R2 to do the running thrust move. When it connects, it takes off so much of the horses health.
By Anonymous
Also roams Altus Highway Junctions, Liurnia. Give the Ash of War Shared Order
By Anonymous
You can't summon Spirit ashes for this fight.
By Anonymous
Beat him on my first try exploring, got the Flail, wanted to farm for armor so I came here... Sincerely hope his armor is somewhere.
By Anonymous
Theres 3 knights cavalry in the game. They all have different items and automatically their gear is given to you upon death
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