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By Anonymous
I'm 99% certain that speaking to Sellen about needing to defeat Radahn is the trigger for the festival, NOT telling Blaidd about it. Either that, or there is a counter and speaking to at least 2 NPC's about the festival/defeating Radahn causes it to start (e.g.: Sellen & Alexander)
By Anonymous
The Radahn Festival is ACTIVE for me, but I have yet to meet any of the above requirements. Here's what I have/have not done (most current version, 12/09/22):

1. HAVE defeated Magma Wyrm and activated both its and Dectus Lift's sites of grace, but have NOT taken either lift nor entered Altus Plateau

2. Have NOT spoken to/met Jerren at all

3. HAVE discussed needing to defeat Radahn with Sellen, but have NOT told Blaidd or Iji or anyone else about it

4. Have NOT spoken to anyone about the festival other than Alexander (spoke to him 2x, Limgrave & Gael Tunnel)

5. HAVE spoken to/exhausted all dialogue with all available NPC's (other than those mentioned above) and completed all available content prior to entering Altus Plateau or continuing Ranni's questline past the point mentioned, EXCEPT for most of Greyoll's Dragonbarrow and pre-festival Redmane Castle (have NOT killed/angered any NPC's, though some have died on their own according to their script)
By Anonymous
for some reason it always triggered just after beating rennala without going to atlus platau or even speaking to ranni, why tf did this happen?
By Ale00115
Already triggered the festival, but Jerren is nowhere to be found. Anyone has a clue?
By Anonymous
Couldn't they have made the festival only trigger AFTER you kill the duo? Replaying the game and was really confused because I already met the requirements so the entire place was empty and the doors were closed
By Anonymous
I like that there is one major boss that can be fought without a dungeon.
By Anonymous
How do you reach the giant in the tower tho
By Anonymous
If you mean the one with the gold casing on it's head. Travel back towards the stairs from the Chamber outside plaza grace site. Before you reach the stairs there is a room to your left with a ladder.
By Anonymous
he jumps down when you approach the gate from the front
By Anonymous
Sh9oot him with your bow and he will just down .
By Anonymous
So the 2 bosses (misbegotten and knight) are gone if the festival is active? I have NEVER reached this castle without the festival active. :/
By Anonymous
You can fight them afterwards
By Anonymous
Beat Radahn and then rest at a site of grace somewhere outside of Caelid. Fast travel back to the castle and I think they should be available to fight again.
By Anonymous
In addition to what the others said, I believe I had to chat with Jerren after defeating Radahn to reset the castle.
By Anonymous
With no festival, there's a Redmane Knight on the rooftop of the plaza grace, he's wielding a greatsword imbued with flame (even when he's idle). I wasted 2 hours to get the weapon drop, only to find that it's just a common Knight Greatsword, and no flame whatsoever, bummer.
By Anonymous
Bruh, as a faith build, I did the exact same thing with the knight in Liurnia near the painting shack with the lightning sword. Farmed him for a while, got a Knight Greatsword drop instead. My fiance took it though as she prefers straight melee chars and used it all the way to the end of the game.
By Anonymous
If you've activated the festival but need to get the enemies back for the items then do Sellen's questline and when Jerren leaves the enemies will return.
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