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By Evarika
I know this isn't a great place to put this, but it would be quite nice for pages specifying the attack they're referring to, to mention the category of attack rather than the controller input. I say this as a player on a keyboard.
By Anonymous
I love how even after 13 years, Fromsofts item discovery mechanics are a mystery.
By Anonymous
It's kinda relaxing grinding this thing. Gravitas on a colossal weapon and just insta kill the whole squad following the carriage.
By Anonymous
Imagine being someone who duel wields and wanting 2 of everything… I already had one not realizing how low their drop rate was. The sigh of relief when I got the second one almost 3 hours later with was amazing…
By Anonymous
why do the weakest enemies in this game have the worst drop rates i swear everytime i kill a cleanrot knight i get an armour or a weapon but any noble i kill drop nothing or a rowa berry
By Anonymous
it does kinda make sense, given you'll be killing tons of weaker enemies and fewer stronger enemies, but all drop rates for weapons and armor could use a raise, 0.5% is pretty ridiculous for an estoc but golden
By Anonymous
does this sword have any particular uses other than collecting? cuz stat wise, i'm not seeing much use (shame, do like the decorative crossguard)
By Anonymous
It does. Base requirement stat can be wielded by prophet. For min maxing at low level it has its uses.
By Anonymous
For min-maxing minimum requirements. Only thrusting sword that can be used by prophet at min str and dex.
By Anonymous
It's a pretty good thrusting sword if you're high dex/int and go keen or frostbite.
By Anonymous
The Frost scaling for This and the Nobles Slender sword is higher then other weapons in there category.

Primarily scaling with Dex makes is a pretty good low stat investment weapon for Soell casters.

The noble slender sword has the longest reach as well, which makes me assume this also has the longest reach in category. But haven’t tested it.
By Anonymous
fair enough, it's probably because I hadn't tested it extensively, but I may give it another shot, and compare it to the slender sword.
By Lowly_Hollow
I'm very surprised to see that these have the same drop rate as the slender swords. I get these all the time. Weird coincidence I guess.
By Anonymous
I know I'll probably get downvoted for this, but 7 arcane on a vagabond run. Level 30. no item disc. boost. 10 tries. Got both this and the Slender Noble's Sword. I'm sorry to all the people out there that grinded hours for this. You don't deserve the pain.
By Anonymous
Only took over 600 hours of playtime on multiple characters but I finally got one. Seems reasonable
By Anonymous
it took me 160h to even know that they drop any weapon - i tried to get one during my first playthrough and haven't looked into the wiki for it, i've farmed for 2 h and thought they aren't dropping any weapons, lol
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