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By Anonymous
When this weapon is equipped does it show a scabbard or not?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
It does.
By Anonymous
It does
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I tried and tried farming the three or four of them at Waypoint ruins and never got one, then I hit the one digging right next to the Rampartside Grace, and on my fourth try I got it. I only had 20 Arcane and a silver fowl foot.
By Anonymous
took me about 20mins at the waypoint grace--43 arcane, equipped with silver tear mask, silver scarab talisman, marika's soreseal talisman, and consuming a silver-pickled fowl foot. (had a total of 268 discovery, including the +50 with the fowl foot). i personally used the axe of godrick with its aoe skill to help with clearing the whole group out quickly (though you could use any good aoe of your choice) then just kept teleporting back to the grace, and rinse and repeating.
By Anonymous
this literally doesn’t drop at all lmfao 99 arcane and nothing
By Anonymous
Sold this immediately after I got it thinking it was Slender Sword...
By Anonymous
" Base drop rate is 0.5% " bruh
By Malik_Dama
according to my math, for a 90% chance to get one you have to kill 460. The number killed drops based on discovery over 100. each kill is worth (discovery-100)/100 extra kill. so 200 discovery is (200-100)/100 = 1 extra kill so that drops the number to 90% chance of a drop at 230kills with 200 discovery

--Edit: add table--

95.0%~~600 kills
98.0%~~780 kills
99.0%~~920 kills
99.5%~~1050 kills
99.9%~~1380 kills
By Anonymous
Recent data determining revealed that this sword is the longest among all small Thrusting swords. Noble's estoc>Estoc>Cleanrot>Rogier>Rapier
By Anonymous
Whoever gotten this estoc knows this is a lie, it only exceeds the range of the rapiers.
By Anonymous
"Whoever gotten this estoc knows this is a lie, it only exceeds the range of the rapiers."
Visually maybe but it doesn't mean the hitbox follow the model's length.

I was playing with it the other day and also felt it was longer somehow so this datamining doesn't surprise me but I'd love to get the source to be sure.
By Mido96
I don't quite understand what's the point of this weapon. The moveset is identical to Estoc, the damage lower, the reach is lower. It weighs 1 kg less but that's like nothing.
By Anonymous
the fashion, John, the fashion
By Anonymous
its a great option for pure mages with no melee stat investment.
By Anonymous
not just the fashion. Recent data mining proved this Sword is the longest small Thrusting sword. Noble's Estoc>Estoc>cleanrot
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By lShadowfaxl
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no luck at the rampartside grace... tried it there for about an hour.. went back to Waypoint Ruins from time to time and finally after about 2 hrs total time farming i got it at Waypoint. I would say stick with Waypoint, you have more chances per run to get it. When i finally got it i saw about 4-5 enemies with it. It might depend on time of day. I noticed when i got it was a bigger pack of enemies than before. It was morning or noon.
By Anonymous
What was your Aracne?
By Anonymous
Rowa Fruit x1
Ruin Fragment x1
By Anonymous
*madness build up rise noise*
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