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By montanab13
Yo the community who keeps this up to date added this within THREE hours of my comment. Freaking amazing commitment.
By montanab13
Location: Mob drop from noble's wielding the sword. Can be found following the caravan pulled by trolls in beginning area.
By Anonymous
Drop rates in this game need some work. I’ve been farming for an hour now…
By Anonymous
Anyone who has player Runescape will disagree. Rare drops is what makes the game fun.
By Anonymous
Try getting domino mask from ds2 mate. Or lion warriors head piece. Have fun! An hour is a walk in the park.
By Anonymous
the rarer the better.
dual wielded.
By Anonymous
Has slightly higher damage then the standard estoc but it seems more aligned to quality scaling while the standard is pure Dex.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Spent 5 hours of constant farming the Limgrave Convoy and finally got a Noble's Estoc, it's real low drop rate.
For fun, here's the rest of the weapon drops:

2x Noble's Slender Sword
5x Lordsworn's Straight Sword
8x Dismounter
5x Glintstone Staff
9x Dagger
By Anonymous
did it where you did it with 99 ARC using the scarab and the fowl foot, got it in a few trips, i think thats the best place tbh (just annoying with the kaiden on the horse so you may want to bring some AOE -- i used the frozen lightning spear)
By Anonymous
Moghs spear skill works wonders
By Seth Strife
Spent 2 hours doing the Church of Vows method. No luck. Fully caved and went for the most effective item discovery setup I could get my hands on.

Base Discovery = 100
Arcane 80 = 80
Silver Scarab Talisman = 75
Silver Tear Mask = 8
Silver Pickled-Fowl Foot = 50

For a total of 313 Discovery. With that it took 15 minutes. I would highly recommend that if you don't desperately need this, to just wait until later when you have access to the Silver Scarab Talisman.
By Anonymous
don't forget marika's scar/soreseal
By Anonymous
Farmed Limgrave and Liurnia 3 hours EACH no rapier.

Did get 1x Aristocrats headband that sold for 1000 runes.
By Anonymous
From my farming only seams to drop from the hollow with the hat
Lucaria is where I farmed
By Camajam
Confirmed. To expand, go to Debate Parlor and creep up the dirt/rubble ramp on the west side of main courtyard. Hat wearing dude on stars. Got mine after 20mins, certainly not to be expected for most with .5% chance.
By Anonymous
For a Dex Bloodhound build would this or the standard rapier be better?
By Anonymous
More reach and base damage on this.
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