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By Anonymous
Hey friends, please stop blame this boss. This wiki rocks, just read it carefully. Marionette Soldiers +3 easily win the fight with some help of my 1lvl Wretch wielding Harp Bow +4. I am actually surprised and forgot to count arrows. If you are melee and 50-60 lvl, just take an upgraded great shield like Golden Beast Crest or some nice Lion Claw infused Zweihander.
By Anonymous
Absolute agony to fight for pure melee. Endless stamina, dumb high shield damage, area denial, for some absolutly ****ed reason 120 stance.

Well, nah. 2000 hours into the game and I still hate this unoptimized boss the most. Makes Foreskin duo seem well thought out.
By Anonymous
I'd like to see someone from Fromsoft fight this boss, because a genuinely don't know when they intend for you to attack. The wolf jumps around like he's on bathsalts nonstop.
By Anonymous
Surprisingly easy fight with rock sling. Killed him in one try.
By Anonymous
No stake of marika. Seriously? I'm supposed to jog past 8 sorcerers with a glass cannon build every time I get killed? Screw it, this is just tedious, not fun. Not worth my time.
By Anonymous
After many playthroughs, I still find this guy more difficult than Rennala on almost every build. Rennala is the weakest shard wielder in my opinion, but still.
By Anonymous
Died a couple of times to unfortunate spell and melee spam, so I decided to bring a gun into a sword fight and use a summon. Oleg +5 pretty much solo skull****ed this dog. I feel a bit dirty and unsatisfied but it got the job done.
By Anonymous
Tried a bunch of ways and this one worked immediately: with a 100% phys shield, keep it up, get in close, and chip away. Used lone wolf ashes to distract.
By Anonymous
good boss with a really **** arena.
By Anonymous
I don't really understand. My character is a mage and I'm sure she is not over leveled and this boss is "resistant to magic"... That was supposed to be a hard fight, right? I mean... In Dark Souls magic resistant bosses are a pain if you're a mage. How strange, this is the easiest boss I've faced so far (not saying this is bad xD).
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