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Holy Bonk
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coordinates link
By Rexignem
It can be used in greataxes like Butchering Knife ?????
By Anonymous
Yes. I'm using it on it and its almost god mode
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Does anyone know if the amount of HP restored scales at all with faith? Or is it a static amount?
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you could test it yourself by doing it with and without radagon's seal
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Mimic tear + this is nuts
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This heals flat 354 HP per enemy hit with physical enhancement and 364 HP with Blessed enhancement. Raising Faith and upgrading the weapon had no effect on the HP restored. It does have a very small AoE on the impact, so hitting multiple smaller enemies is possible for higher heal.
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healed me for 474
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The heal is based on the player's/mimic's max HP.
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Don't let the slow wind up fool you, this is actually a very good ash of war. It seems to give you near infinite poise during the attack, letting you tank an enemy combo and then heal it back up. Incredibly strong if you can take the hits.
By Anonymous
Tested at two different HP values and I can confirm that the heal is not a flat number but rather 30% of your current max HP. Yes, things that temporarily buff your max HP like Great Runes will impact this.

With 1667 max health it healed for 500
With 1500 max health it healed for 450
(all testing with the same +20 Monk's Sacred Flamemace at 50 Faith)

In other words: BECOME A BEEFY BOY
By Anonymous
whats the fp cost?
By Dastion
FP cost is 20. The wiki displays things weirdly, you can find the FP cost on the Ash of War: Prayerful Strike page that describes the item you get, but the page about the actual ability doesn't include it because I suppose the ability could be triggered in ways other than an Ash of War.