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By Anonymous
When the Arrow's Reach Talisman is working on this incatation, does the Arrow's Sting Talisman also work?
By Anonymous
This is sleeper in 1.10. At 54 poise damage, you will almost always stagger on the second sling. People are still conditioned to being able to poise through it, so they just rush in expecting that you won't use it in rapid succession, or that they'll tank it and punish.They're wrong on both, and it can really add up.

This attack CAN be used honestly. It's not much different from fighting someone that is using a whip or sword sorcery. This + black knife + blade blade = simple and effective Maliketh playstyle.
By Anonymous
When somebody uses it as a form of catching up i respect him, when i see a man in full veterans running away and spamming it every 0.1 seconds i feel like casting the placidusax nuke spell.
By Anonymous
This spell is really terrible in PvE. It'd be nice if they buffed it ONLY for PvE. Damage is extremely low, just use Catch Flame instead.
By Anonymous
"Caster are so annoying!" Proceeds to spam this.
By Anonymous
A narrower spread and maybe a slight range boost would make this useful.
By Anonymous
It's free stunlock again since 1.10 lol... how can it become more useful?
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