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By Anonymous
People whining about the nerf on this have no idea how much damage it does on an optimal setup. Worst case scenario is takes one more swing to kill now, but most of the time it is still going to kill in the same number of hits as it had that high of damage prior. It requiring you to stack passive poise is also a good tradeoff for using it as it can be that devastating.
By Anonymous
Lmao mages crying in comments, it was nerfed ONLY for pvp not pve. Get rekt.
By Anonymous
It swings too fast, needs to be nerfed.
By Anonymous
Damage nerf, sure because it was strong in high level pvp, but the lack of any poise damage in pvp makes this spell unusable now.
By Anonymous
Bas now
By Anonymous
Why they nerfed it? The weapon is bad now!
By Anonymous
was nerfed still pretty good but a little more balanced now
By Anonymous
okay so after some testing in pvp this spell is still good. I was hiiting 600 before nerf now Inhit about 505 so not a big nerf. However if you fight someone who buffed themselves with anti magic miracle then the nerf is siganificant, went from hitting around 300 down to 210 or seomthing.
By Anonymous
Was apparently nerfed (pvp only) in 1.08 but still feels good to use with solid damage
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