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By Anonymous
I CONSTANTLY DEAL LESS THAN 20 DAMAGE USUNG THIS IN PVP ugh ugh ugh UGhh if I used 15 fp on a FAITH BUILD, I can one shot people pretty easily. LESSON TO FROMSOFT: when you nerf something, the game becomes worse, while when you reverse a nerfe or buff it dramatically, the game because much, much, much better. When people say there are balance issue, don’t nerfe stuff, instead buff everything else so that everything is perfect.
By Anonymous
Looks cool, but the damage and range is abysmal.

I hope it gets buffed, needs the damage or shard count doubled before it can be useful.
By Anonymous
This could've been cool and useful, like a magic version of bestial sling. But now that I think about it, maybe that would be too much.
By Anonymous
Edit to this spell.
Swift Crystal Burst.
Swiftly Fires a burst of glintstone crystal shards.
This sorcery can be used without delay after performing another action.

Now its worth 14 FP.
By Anonymous
My head cannon is that the raya lucaria tunnel is the crystal cadre headquarters.
By Anonymous
I like how the enemies that use this can two/one shot you up close with this yet when you use it, it might as well be a Water Gun.