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By GremlinMan69
it's always the spinny weapons...if the weapon spins, it does 5k damage.
By Anonymous
After the buff, this thing absolutely slaps. The uncharged version is insanely fast now and does good damage with massive hyperarmor and good AOE. The charged version, when combined with Godfrey Icon and Shard of Alexander, can absolutely nuke the health of some bosses. I haven't even gotten to the best part which is that this thing does a ridiculous amount of poise damage. Two fully charged weapon arts will basically stagger any boss. This, combined with the extreme hyperarmor, means that I can see a viable hit-trading build with heavy armor where you just spam the fully charged weapon art to destroy bosses, since only a few big attacks can truly interupt the weapon art..

Recommended to spec mostly into strength rather than faith since the physical is where the majority of the damage comes from, plus it has much better scaling with strength.

The only problem I have with this thing is that the range of the actual weapon seems shorter than average for a greatsword. Other than that, it is worth it to go through the horrendous double crucible knight boss fight for. Cheese them with Blasphemous blade and get this baby.
By Anonymous
could anyone give me AR stats for this?
wondering if i should balance or focus a single stat
By Anonymous
I used it before the buff and it was definitely the best great sword. But now it’s just over the top. L2 speed boost was welcome but unnecessary. The hyper armor on uncharged is absolutely ridiculous though, no reason I should be able to face tank a great hammer on reaction L2. Fortunately most peeps spamming it don’t level faith past the minimum, so I steam roll meta chasers spamming it with my own L2. I hope they revert the hyperarmor on uncharged L2
By Anonymous
Update the sword, its now pretty good. No ROB before 1 06 but after 1.07 its a plain Jane game. Nothing stands out, nothing exciting. Just pick whatever and your good. Glad I played before the game was butchered
By Anonymous
Damn this thing is good now. Maybe then even overbuffed it? The increased speed is nice but its also have a massive hyperarmor which might be a little too bit too much
By Anonymous
God damn did the update make the uncharged ash quick, bless From for actually nerfing crouch poke crutches and buffing this beauty. 10/10
By Anonymous
this and the armor make the crappy dungeon they're in completely worth it
By Anonymous
If you’re going for a Crucible Knight playthrough, consider the Regalia of Eochaid instead. Much better AoW and isn’t as sluggishly bulky.
By Anonymous
How about a big load of no?
By Anonymous
but then your not using a crucible knight weapon
By Anonymous
Actually not a bad idea the regalia seems to be made of the same material and is from an ancient land before the erdtree similar to how the crucible knights are discribed to be
By Anonymous
Way to defeat the purpose of the whole build, genius.
By Anonymous
The ash of war on this will get you maidens instantly
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