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By Anonymous
**slaps** this bad boy can melt and stagger holy resistant enemies like nothing
By GyrosOfAstora
Why does with weapon have such a high strengh requirement? Even the Blasphemous Blade only requires 22 strength although it has a higher weight. For balancing reasons? The Blasphemous Blade is still far more viable than this weapon.
By Anonymous
Why would you even use this with minimum strength? Str scaling is much better than the faith scaling. This is really more of a str weapon with 15 faith requirement.
By Anonymous
It has a high strength requirement because it's a strength build weapon. What did you expect?
By Anonymous
because it scales with strength you absolute knobber
By Anonymous
Lol no way. At 66 str and shard of Alexander, this thing can out trade almost anything with the poise granted on the weapon art.
By Anonymous
why does everyone have to whine about requirements at every single page. It is what it is, make a build around it, or move on.
By Anonymous
You don't know true terror until a fully charged "aspect of the crucible: horns" lands on you and you land right at the center of this weapon's already charged ash of war.
By Anonymous
Slap this together with Godfrey Icon and watch the game just melt away.
By Anonymous
Best weapon in elden ring. Ash of war is insane
By Anonymous
i wonder why this is pierce? there is no pierce attack in its moveset. all i can think is that maybe the skill is the pierce type.
By Anonymous
Powerstanced greatswords have a double thrusting attack after a backhop.
By Anonymous
I'm kinda disappointed that this thing charged heavy isn't that poke that can get you from across the room that the Shield Crucibles can do.
By Anonymous
Can't believe no one has mentioned how good this thing is for cheesing Malenia... srsly, hit her with the first charged L2 and you've won the fight! Rinse and repeat til she's dead.
By Anonymous
My favourite weapon in Elden Ring
By Anonymous
With 60 strength, the physical damage of this weapon still makes it still useful for the final bosses with, but I still find it wanting when it comes to killing Malenia.

Magma Wyrm’s Scalesword is a good weapon to switch to for killing her, but be warned that you will need 15 points into dexterity to use it.

Otherwise both weapons seem to benefit the most from use on a 60 Strength and 40 Faith build.

The Clawmark Seal and Two handed weapon use get a you a tarnished that competes with the power of a pure strength player and the incantation casting of a pure faith player.

Faith can be easily dropped to 25 if you are alright with losing out on getting decent incantation damage.

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