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For the "Age of Stars" ending, it's important to note that similarly to the "Lord of Frenzied Flame" ending, that the tarnished still has a title in replacement for Elden Lord. This name is "Lord of the Night" and is verified by the Nox armor set. Maybe update this to include that name?
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My dialogue for the AGE OF THE STARS ending was slightly different. Instead of saying, "Well then. Shall we? My dear consort, eternal.", she said, "Let us go, together. My dear consort, eternal."
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I'm escaping to the one place that hasn't been corrupted by the Golden Order...
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Just burn it all down tbh it's better that way
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Can anyone tell me the armor pieces worn in the picture for the Age of the Duskborn ending? That outfit looks dope, but I'm too lazy to try to replicate it by trial and error with all the gear I have
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Black Knife boots chest and gloves with the basic bandit head piece
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That looks like the black knife set and some similar looking legs. With a bandit mask
By Anonymous
Bandit mask
Black Knife Armour (altered)
Black Knife Gauntlets
Not sure about legs.
By Anonymous
Black knife armor and gloves, bandit mask, not sure on legs. Maybe black knife as well or ronin's
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It looks like Black Knife armor with the Bandit mask.
By Anonymous
It looks like Black Knife armor with the Bandit mask.
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Thank you friends, too bad I'll have to go through most of the game before I can get it for my assassin playthrough, then
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I really hope they wont do a Dark Souls and make a sequel to Elden Ring, essentially invalidating the multiple possible endings
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I completely agree. The last thing this game needs is a sequel. But expect video gamers to be asking for one all the time in two or three years because they're basically just children who want a new toy. Same thing is happening with Bloodborne right now, even though it makes even less sense there.
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I just gotta say, the amount of arguing in the comments (dumb and annoying as it is) is really neat in a way. The fact that this game has 6 endings for the fans to argue about for eternity is pretty gnarly. In any case, I don't think there's any one true good ending and I believe that a purely perfect ending has always been off the table in FromSouls. That being said, I do see personally that some endings are better than others from my perspective. Here's my take on the endings in no particular order:

Neutral (AKA nothing changes basically):
Fractured: I view this as the neutral ending because things don't really get better or worse under it. The way the world is when you beat the game is the way the world remains with this ending.

Good (AKA better than nothing):
Age of Perfect Order: Basically a slightly better fractured ending with the terrible stuff from the Golden Order replaced with Goldmask's ideal Perfect Order. Most neutral good ending by virtue of applying a slight adjustment to the world rather than a whole usurpation to it like the others.

Age of Stars (my first ending choice): Also usurps the Golden Order as well as the Greater Will's effect on the world which I consider to be a good thing. I myself am an unapologetic Ranni simp (Addiction to "blue cunny" is a powerful thing as Gideon Ofnir totally said \s) but also generally trust a moon god over a god god any day (Bloodborne and Astel notwithstanding). Least neutral of the good endings by far.

Age of Duskborn: I'm probably wrong, but this seems like this ending is all about fixing the whole "grafting dead bodies to the Erdtree roots" thing which I'm all for. Feeding a tree tied to a cosmic horror the souls of the dead sounds bad and this "life within death is embedded in order" thing I feel is better than just letting the Greater Will do what it wants. Also, it sounds like Dark Souls which I think is pretty neat.

Bad (AKA things get much worse than if nothing changed):
Despair: This is an obviously bad ending and one which I think might be a joke. You infect the whole world with the Poop curse so that the Great Mighty Poo himself can have a whole giggle. According to lore this guy rips peoples' souls out through their butt and then eats it, dooming that person to a cursed existence. He wants that for the whole world and I don't think that's a good thing. I'd take the Greater Will ruling over this guy getting his literally crappy wishes.

Frenzied Flame: Hmmmmm, burning the whole world with a cursed Flame that makes people go crazy? Haven't heard that one before \s. This ending is basically everything I hate about the Age of Fire endings in the Dark Souls series and then some. I always vouched for the Dark ending of each game because the whole "Dark = bad" thing that I always hear in regards to each game is major BS to say the least. This is basically an even worse version of reigniting the First Flame and there's literally no benefit to it. You're just pointlessly burning the world to ashes like in Dark Souls, but even more pointlessly because there's just nothing left after the Frenzied Flame is done doing it's thing in this game.

So that's my two cents. As I mentioned earlier I believe that there isn't really a purely good ending in any of these. It makes sense that there is no obviously good ending because FromSouls just doesn't do obviously good endings because the worlds are usually meant to be bleak and depressing and hopeless. However, I do believe there are endings that have the potential to make the world either a less crappy place or a more crappy place and those are what I call the "good" endings and the "bad" endings respectively. What you consider to be "good" endings and "bad" endings depends on what you view as potentially making the world a less or more crappy place.
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My only thoughts on the above are, great post, well thought out and written, but I also think you are really underestimating what the Goldmask ending is truly delivering.

If we are to fully believe every word and how it is worded, of that ending, then the Goldmask ending is essentially getting rid of all conflict within the world/lands between, which basically means, peace and only the truly deserving will get to rule.

In particular, he is removing the ability for tyrants 9which pretty much every ruler and potential ruler in this game is) to use the age old trick, which is still used to this day, of, "oh you don'y believe what I believe, therefore you are evil", and especially the ability for these leaders themselves to define what is "evil" or "bad" themselves. so basically whatever the particular topic of the day is at the time, they can just declare that side as evil, their supporters blindly follow, and they remian in poweer, or overthrow those in power. This is a real life phenomenon and has been seen from Trump, to Civil War Russia, and much further back than that also.

If Goldmask could truly rid the world of that, and retain an order of semblance and good living, then that is by far the best ending for the wider world. Whether that is the best ending for you/us is another story ;)
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Disagree with the frenzied flame - a disillusioned tarnished having seen the absolute worst of this world (and it’s a dark-fantasy horror of a world) burns it all down as it’s unsavable. Maybe not neutral but only slightly evil depending on your perspective.
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The Age of stars ending is apparently a mistranslation from the Original Japanese writing, changing 'soft' words for 'hard' and the opposite. Hers would probably be the best ending, in which she takes the worst unto herself (possibly with you as company) and moves the ring from the Lands Between at least for 1k years. after hearing the translation breakdown (great remove is "separate"); Rather than make everyone emotionless, she's separating the "soul" from the every day whims of emotion, making the extremes we see unlikely, or less potent. Such as Despair etc contaminating the soul itself like dung eater.
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Well put! I do have some disagreements, though.

Goldmask's "Perfect Order" ending: Disagreements cannot escalate into conflicts because nobody can disagree, nor can anyone have the ambition to take charge. This basically removes free will. Whatever else it might be, in my opinion that's not a good thing.

"Duskborn" ending: I'm not sure dead bodies were ever "grafted to the Erdtree roots" (I could be wrong here). It's more like their souls returned to the Erdtree and their bodies remained where they were buried; sure, the Erdtree roots grew into catacombs, including some individual tombs/bodies, but then again they grow into everything. "Those Who Live In Death" that D hunted were those whose souls remained with their bodies after death instead of going to the Erdtree, which offended the Golden Order. Rogier noted that many didn't do this voluntarily, so they weren't all evil (this is that disagreement between him and D he mentioned). This isn't a good ending; it ensures that "Those Who Live In Death" (a.k.a. undead) are a normal occurrence instead of an aberration, since souls no longer pass on to the Erdtree in this ending. Zombie Apocalypse, here we come!

"Frenzied Flame" ending: Destroying the world to save the world. Burning out sin, torment, and curse, and uniting the people left of the newly cleansed world. Don't get me wrong, that's some pretty crappy times and only a remnant of a remnant will survive to see the end of it, but burning out the evil isn't necessarily bad.

I completely agree, it's a matter of perspective and personal preference. IMO, Ranni's "Age of Stars" ending is the best (read: least bad) since the cursed Lands Between get left behind and there is no Elden Lord for the first time in forever (then again, with no Elden Lord, wars may escalate even further as future Tarnished seek the title - who knows?), but I recognize others might find a millennium-long voyage in the darkness of space less than ideal.
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The normal elden lord ending is pretty funny

you don't stop the war

as far as i'm certain, i've killed every single person who is in the lands between

malenia, mohg, morgott, rykard

all dead
\so there isn't anyone in the land between who can fight for something anymore

so yeah
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an ending of complete and utter peace... because everyone is literally dead, you have the power to bring them back you just... don't.
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There's still Miquella who may wake up.
Nout counting that, my take is that their souls returned to the Erdtree and after the elden ring is reformed they "Resurrect", because that's what I think what's happening before. During the Golden Order they could not really die , as the rune of Death was outside the order. I think they worked like Tarnished (who lost the grace of the Erdtree and could die, until the beginning of the game). For this, I think that atleast all Demigods and the Tarnished will revive if you reestablish Golden Order/Perfect Golden Order.
In Duskborn ending you free the world of immortality.
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because it has to be this way
By Anonymous
"Lord of Frenzied Flame.
I will seek you, as far as you may travel.
To deliver you what is yours..."

My Honda Accord you promised me at the beginning of the game?!
By Anonymous
Pretty sure it's just your car's extended warranty mate
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I’m so glad I looked up a youtube video showing how all the endings (except Ranni’s and the chaos endings) are exactly the same, instead of stressing over which ending seems most worthwhile; on account that, for such a long, arduous, harrowing journey, ALL the endings really suck…

At least the chaos ending has a reason its so short and simple; the earth burns, the end. Exactly what you would expect, and no need to show any further consequences (as there are none; the earth burns. The end).

That said, since none of the other endings really have any gravitace or weight behind them (not even Ranni’s, where you and her just **** off to the moon I guess…), TIME TO BURN THIS **** DOWN!
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all other endings are cringe

burning everything down is much easier to do
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