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By Anonymous
the 3 endings you should pick: age of dung, goldmask one and frenzied flame ending. MAY CHAOS TAKE THE WORLD
By Anonymous
Had no idea interacting with one of the "messages" was actually a Summon Sign for Ranni that triggered an ending - with NO WAY TO OPT OUT.
Ranni ending would've been my 3rd choice, and I was just excited after the Elden Beast fight going about my business to "read message" like I do for fun, and I got locked into an ending I didn't want. WOW that's a bitter end to the game and makes me not want to play through it again just for a different ending.
By Anonymous
doesnt it tell you that you will usher on the age of stars? also... its blue? messages are either golden or white.
By Anonymous
i did the same thing, there was a white message directly over the blue, i was hyped and just mashing buttons, and it cost me my lordship first run thru...

tough game
By Anonymous
Doesn't the sign literally say "summon ranni"? That's on you for not reading the text bro
By Anonymous
People saying "You should read" also defend Diablo 4's battlepass bullsht XD
By Anonymous
I wish the ending you choose had impact on the next journey you take, like frenzied flame randomizes items and enemies, duskborn puts undead everywhere, despair puts accursed enemies and omen everywhere, etc
By Anonymous
Aha and Lord of the Frenzied Flame Ending would then turn the whole world into the Frenzied Flame Village, making the game unplayable. Unless maybe you have maxed the Mind stat. But even then it would be annoying as hell to constantly get hit with Madness.
By Anonymous
damn that would be sick
By Anonymous
That would just suck
By Anonymous
thats a really dope idea. I really wished they changed stuff in ng like with ds2 and this sounds like an amazing way to do it.
By Anonymous
would'nt work for the duskborn. you didnt understand what it meant,
duskborn ending means that the death has come to the lands between so immortality and sh doesnt exist anymore. so there wouldnt be zombies, maybe it would mean that mobs dont respawn? idk
By Anonymous
11 june anon - Ikr, was just about to type that. Dude completely missed the meaning of that ending. Lol
By Anonymous
Honestly I feel like the duskborn is the ending that makes the most sense and can actually lead to a needed change. It basically insinuates no one can be immortal anymore and death comes for everyone. No one can rise to power and stay there because they are an immortal God. The power will change hands like it should with time
By Anonymous
You’re not returning the original Rune of Death though, you’re introducing a new one. Reintroducing the Rune of Death would prevent immortality as you described, while Fia’s rune essentially incorporates living within death into the order, essentially making people still immortal, instead now as undying skeletons.
By Coalbalt
That's not what it does completely though lmao. It tries to enter the Ones Who Live in Death into the Golden Order. Which doesn't solve ****. Sure God's die but they still live long asf and are the strongest people in the game. No one will die.
By Anonymous
Yes, fix the no dying part of the ring and incorporate the undead. Every one wins especially poor godwyn.
By Anonymous
Does that mean, that in all endings except Frenzied Flame and age of stars the Land Between will be kept under the influence of the Greater Will?
By Anonymous
Yes , but don’t worry, the FF is a part of the Greater Will, and glintstone itself is an outer god, free will is a joke, like jn real life.
By Anonymous
Yes, FF and Star ending are the only ones that get rid of the Greater will
By Anonymous
I wish this game encouraged NG+ the way Dark Souls II did. Imagine if after using Dung-Eater's mending rune, your character had cosmetic Omen horns in NG+ and more Omen enemies appeared in the world. Or if Ranni's ending made it nighttime all the time (it's the only time of day that makes any difference, mechanically) or if Fia's rune made it so skeletons didn't instant die to Golden Order stuff anymore
By Anonymous
That all be rad with one small problem, Fias rune would have all skeletons dead before you get there as its a ending restoring the natural order of life and death no more immortality.
By Anonymous
07 Jul that is very seriously not at all what the mending rune of the death prince does
By Anonymous
One thing kind of confuses me. If you return the rune of destined death taken by Marika's shadow, Maliketh, then that should end the undead curse right? But using Fia's rune allows those who live in death to be a part of the new order. How could they be a part of the new order if there's no more undead curse.
By Anonymous
This isn't Dark Souls, there is no undead curse. When we unbind Death after killing Maliketh, it is still incomplete because of the fragment Ranni stole. Traces of that fragment persist on the Black Knives and the Blasphemous Claw, but we can never put it all the way back together. Maliketh tried to undo it, too, by eating all the Deathroot. Things will never be the same again.
By Anonymous
Oh my that's quite tragic. Thank you for that explanation. That makes sense
By Anonymous
My understanding of the Duskborn ending is mending it with the prince of death mark makes it where death is now an absolute. Nothing can be immortal anymore and death is permanent.
By Anonymous
IMO Fia rune make the death has the right to exist and acceptance.
By Anonymous
The Elden Ring and Golden Order have close parallels in Catholicism, specifically the Trinity. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are and are not one another all at the same time. This is mirrored by Marika, Radagon, the Elden Beast, and perhaps even the Erdtree itself. Marika shattered the Ring, and Radagon, who is Marika, attempted to use the same hammer that broke it to repair it. It's no coincidence that Radagon beats your cheeks with the weapon called "Marika's Hammer" once you can claim it for yourself.

Side note, Marika's Hammer may be an allusion to Nietzsche. Nietzsche was known as a deconstructionist, who tore down belief systems by exposing their flaws, which led his contemporaries to say he "philosophized with a hammer". He also famously wrote the line "God is dead, and we have killed Him."

We see repeated throughout the story and item descriptions that Golden Order was created when the Rune of Death was "snatched" from the Elden Ring. The worshipped Trinity is missing a part it originally came with.

Carl Jung posited a "solution" to Catholicism and the problem of evil in the Quaternity: folding Satan into the Trinity. Jung recognized that God was not omnibenevolent, at least not in the way we humans can understand and experience. Satan did not torture and torment Job, God did. God allowed his chosen people to be enslaved in Egpyt and, perhaps most importantly, if Satan were the source of all misery and suffering, God created Satan and allowed him to continue existing. Satan as a "mistake" God made makes no sense. Satan as an aspect of the divine - a fourth face of God - may not be palatable to the typical devotee, but is more consistent with the source material and the way of the world.

With the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince, we fold Godwyn's death and Those Who Live in Death into Golden Order. We, as Elden Lord, say "gods can die, and humans can live forever in undeath." This is Christ's death and man's subsequent apotheosis: god became man and so man became god.

With the Mending Rune of Perfect Order, we absolve God's imperfection and make him truly perfect. It's like retconning the Bible. Corhyn lost his mind over Goldmask doubting the perfection of Golden Order, but Goldmask found a way for it to be fixed, and you cannot fix perfection. In the Old Testament, God shows emotion and changes his mind, which is incompatible with eternal perfection. With this rune, the gods of the Lands Between would not be so fickle, which insinuates a rebirth of the world in which Marika's and Radagon's impetuous actions never happened.

Dung-Eater... I'm not sure. There's a number of interpretations that could be made. I think my preferred reading is as an abolition of Heaven. Everyone will be cursed, nobody will go to heaven, no haves and have nots, just cursed mortals who rot in the ground instead of some sanctified Erdtree burial or life in death. Remember that for all the prominent Omen enemies in the game, and the fact that we can get most NPC enemies as spirit ashes, there are no Omen spirit ashes.

Frenzy is a nihilistic obliteration of everything, recognizing that the "One Great" made a terrible mistake which allowed for "sin, curse, and affliction". God made us able to be unhappy, and to get sick and hurt and all these other terrible things and what kind of loving and all-powerful god would do that? Burn it all, it's the only solution.

Lastly, Ranni's Age of the Stars is, I feel, sorely lacking in context even by Fromsoft standards. What it entails is left mysterious, but we know that it is a departure from Order, and that the Nox of the Eternal City, who were banished underground for defying the Greater Will, have waited a long time for the Age of Stars. Is Ranni still an Empyrean without her flesh? Is this, then, an Age of Empyrean like Gowry describes, which would replace Marika and Golden Order? Ranni says it's a thousand-year journey, not eternity. The information we get about it asks more questions than it answers.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed reading a theologist's philosophical analysis of his favorite game.
By Anonymous
i did enjoy it! thanks! :)
By Anonymous
As an avid student of philosophy, history, and theology I will say that your interpretation is both original and well reasoned (not to mention entertaining).
By Anonymous
There is a great deal of symbolism from Kabbalah in Elden Ring, specifically Lurianic Kabbalah (and possibly Sabbatian-Kabbalah). You have the two trees representing different paths. You have runes and their Kabbalistic corollary of divine sparks which can be released and absorbed. You have creation as the shattering of the vessels in Lurianic Kabbalah. It's not the only influence by any means but the theological tropes are there. Also, Kabbalistic mysticism contains themes reminiscent of other religious traditions (Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Gnosticism, etc.).
By Anonymous
In regards to the Age of the Stars ending. There is a period of time in the book of Revelation known as the thousand year reign of Christ (Revelation chapter 20). The start is after Armageddon (the biblical destruction of evil on earth). Satan is bound and the earth and the people on it get to live for a thousand years, under the rule of christ, free from the corruption of Satan. After the thousand years, God returns to the throne, Satan is released to once again to deceive the world and try to turn humans away from god. After this last temptation Satan and those who followed him are destroyed. So there could be a story line of Ranni's return after the thousand year to rid the world of all those who returned to the old ways, like the Golden Order and the Three Fingers.
By Anonymous
Miquella is remniscent of Horus the Younger or Harpocrates. The latter is associated with roses and secrecy.
By Anonymous
Very close to my understanding, though I have my own thoughts. The Golden Order represents Christianity, at least in the form of the Catholic Church. Throughout its history, it has made many compromises to its doctrine, and is no longer pure. The basic ending sets things back as they were.

The Perfect Order ending likely removes the compromises from the Golden Order, allowing no tolerance for contrary desires or philosophies. The Duskborn ending does resemble the death and resurrection of Christ, the son of God, giving life after death, though the undead aspect in incongruent. The Age of Stars ending is essentially Atheism, removing religious order from the world and just letting people do as they will without divine oversight. Dungeater's ending could be Satanic, encouraging the mutilation and degredation of the flesh to spite the Golden Order/God.
By Anonymous
I, who is not a theologist, believe that ranni's ending is atheism. You can see (in the correct translation) that ranni wants to remove all types of order from the lands between. So no erdtree (so no more reviving), no lord to control everyone's actions, but just leave everyone alone. it is like fis's ending, but without an elden lord and without any order
By Anonymous
Frenzy Flame is more in fact philosophical monism personified. It wants to return everything to the oneness of existencebefore the One Great divided. Thus why it says to "burn down everything that divides and distinguishes" or why Hyetta says "No more more birth...". It is returning existence to it's initial oneness
By Anonymous
I ain’t readin all that
By Anonymous
I did enjoy it thanks. :)
By Anonymous
Wow OP, I have to say you really opened my eyes. Especially to do with the holy Trinity.
I never would have expected this from any comment section, let alone a video game wiki page.
My sincerest thanks.
By Anonymous
unpopular opinion: ranni ending is for simps
By Anonymous
Subjectively you can think whatever, but allowing the people in the Lands Between free to believe or do what they want free from the influence of the Golden Order is pretty alright.
By Anonymous
i'm not marrying some sentient doll with 4 arms even if it means independence for everyone
By Anonymous
It's an ending that doesn't fix anything. After a thousand years, the world will be overrun by scarlet rot or those who live in death... or both!
By Anonymous
i am a simp and it's true
By Anonymous
miriam ending age of the turtle
By Anonymous
age of the dog
By Anonymous
Age of the mushroom
By Anonymous
age of the dragon
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