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By Anonymous
This thing is crazy good, with 12 faith it lasts a lengthy 2 whole minutes and ticks about the same rate as poison does
By Anonymous
i gave him 2 seeds and didnt receive it... game bug?
By Anonymous
Yeah don't give 2 seeds at once guys, you'll lose out on this spell it seems. Gonna go for the third soon to see if that fixes it
By Anonymous
Cool so I gave him the third but it only gave me the rewards for the second tier, this spell. Dang it, this is kinds heartbreaking but just turn them in one at a time for now guys
By Anonymous
You didn't miss out on anything. Give him the first and you get the eye and claw. Give him the second and you get the first incantation. The third gets you this. The wiki originally didn't count the first deathroot in its count.
By Anonymous
I gave 1 root at the time, and when I gave the second one I didnt receive this. Seems bugged?
By Anonymous
This is the reward for the 3rd deathroot, not the second :)
By Anonymous
At 12 faith this is healing for 5/s and lasts 2 minutes, total heal of 600.
By Anonymous
I wonder how this compares to? Blessings Boon
By Anonymous
Blessing's Boon is AOE and 8 HP/sec, but don't forget the 24 FTH requirement.
By Anonymous
Blessing's Boon is AOE and 8 HP/sec. Not sure on the duration, but I'm assuming it's about the same.

That being said, wish I knew about this spell earlier in the game. The regen spells are amazing in Elden Ring. The standard healing spells are weaker then their Souls counterparts and Blessing's Boon is has quite a stat requirement making Bestial Vitality amazing for most builds.
By Anonymous
I did the math on the three regen spells I'm aware of, and Beastial Vitality is the most efficient conversion of FP to HP for a single player. Obviously if you can herd your team together into a small radius to use erdtree's blessing or blessing's boon on them the math changes.
By Anonymous
2 minutes @ 5hp/sec = 600hp
600hp / 18FP = 33.33hp per FP point
By Anonymous
Heals for almost double of "Heal" at almost half FP cost. Didn't time it but takes at least two minutes to complete. Tested at 27 FTH with +4 Finger Seal: 600 HP from Bestial Vitality, 310 HP from "Heal".
By Anonymous
does it stack with crimsonburst crystal tear?
By Anonymous
No. As far as my testing has shown, diamond buffs (temporary buffs from spells and items) never stack and will overwrite each other. HOWEVER, diamond buffs will stack with square buffs (buffs from equipment) like Blessed Dew Talismen.
By Anonymous
I tested the Blessed dew talisman Beastial Vitality and the Crimsonburat.
It doesnt seem to stack but instead it increases the healing by 2hp per second.
I was healing 9 per tick.
5 for the Spell, 2 for the talisman and 2 for the potion.
By Anonymous
yes it does, but you have to first use the spell then the flask, it also stacks with the life regen talisman! for some reason it won't stack when you use the flask first then cast it.... a bug probably
By Anonymous
could also be a bug that it is stacking in that order. you wouldn't know.
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