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By Anonymous
Good in early game, becomes niche mid game and then obsolete late game the higher you level Faith and gain access to better regen/body buff options.
By Anonymous
As an Invader i recommend this.
By Anonymous
Very difficult to justify using this over FGMS considering this doesn’t even stack w/ the Crimsonburst Tear… meanwhile both the Flame-Cracked AND Greenburst Tears stack w/ the effects of FGMS. Wft From…
By Anonymous
the hell is FGMS? Use your grown up words
By Anonymous
@June 2nd 2023 I think op is referring to flame grant me strength incantation but I agree it is better to just use the words instead of an acronym
By Anonymous
just letting you know, flame grant me strength is a body buff not a health buff so you can use this and it at the same time
By Anonymous
the two are not mutually exclusive
By Anonymous
Flame Grant Me Strength is a Body Buff, Bestial Vitality is a Regen Buff. They stack and you should run both when appropriate.
By Anonymous
I want to like this so much but it feels too slow to ever allow you to tank another boss hit or something, and in overworld its faster to just kill a group of enemies for the flask refill. You can also just switch to assassin's crimson dagger and just spam ripostes to heal or just use the blessed dew talisman.
By Anonymous
That's not the point of it. It's an efficient way to heal over time say as a furled finger or invader. Flasks are limited
By Anonymous
It's invaluable in invasions & legacy dungeons relative to the tiny investment. And open-world groups that give you a flask charge also give you a free FP flask if you've got an empty one, so burning extra FP on minor buffs and regen is always useful there. I'll sometimes forget I haven't rested in ages and respawn in the middle of nowhere lol.
By greatman05
This spell is so powerful for PvE adventuring builds that I firmly assert that all viable PvE adventuring builds need at least 12 Faith and will need to permanently run this spell with a seal as a secondary weapon.

Have Faith. Allow the Bestial Vitality To Flow Through You. Enjoy Immortality As A Bestial God.
By Anonymous
Not to mention 12 Faith allows to cast Flame Cleanse Me, which is excellent no matter your build
By Anonymous
With shield tank builds it offsets chip damage
By Anonymous
Also you need 12 faith to cast heal and get rid of royal revenant
By Anonymous
You don't even need to invest a single point into faith unless you start as a prisoner. Every other class can meet the requirement by using the +5 faith talisman. You won't be using this mid combat so you can just equip the talisman, cast, then equip a different talisman
By Anonymous
Average bestial vitality chad moment
By Anonymous
Curiously, the regen ticks don't seem to heal if you're shield-poking with a Rapier (or spear, etc) during those ticks.
Dunno what that's about.
By Anonymous
divine punishment for shield-poking
By Anonymous
Miyazaki Cheese Tax
By Anonymous
Bestial Vitality + Blessed Dew Talisman + Icon Shield cumulatively will heal you 1,200 hp over the course of 120 seconds.
Combining these with playing coyly in pvp duels can be mildly oppressive
By Anonymous
Butchering knife + Wild Strikes to add on top of that. One of the most fun builds I've played
By Anonymous
Yeah seems so much fun to fall asleep during combat
By Anonymous
I made a Yuta Okkotsu build with this incantation as his reversed curse technique.
By A_Call_Beyond
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I would've actually liked it, if this spell would be chargable. Like.. Not that it heals more per tick but maybe it then lasting 30 seconds longer
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