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By Anonymous
Works as a punching bag to compare damage since he's really beefy, sits still, and never gets mad at you. Quick rest at the nearby Grace and he's back to full health.
By Anonymous
All praise the most holy, gracious and knowledgeable one!
By Anonymous
how does he put his hat on ?
By Anonymous
I like how it is never explained why he is the only turtle that's sapient. My guess is that he subjected himself to rebirth by Rennala, and now is spending the rest of his life repenting. It would also explain all his knowledge on her and Radagon..
By Anonymous
Radagon invaded Liurnia, presumably got his *** kicked by Renalla and almost instantly proposed and married her. Would be quite the funny tale if he didn’t seemingly only do it to get on her good side and bail at the first chance he got.
By Anonymous
I walked into a church and a dog told me that taking a bath would make people stop hating me, worked like a charm
By Anonymous
For the Trivia &. Notes part, you could add that it's probably a reference to the character of Bishop Myriel in Victor Hugo's book Les Misérables: an old and benevolent Bishop of Dignes who shows Jean Valjean charity in the beginning.
By Anonymous
"My faith does not waver. The miracle rooted in these grounds will, once again, mend the world. And this time, its bounty will not be squandered. If you would be Elden Lord, Tarnished, I hope that you, too, will share my faith."

As you command your highness
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