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By Anonymous
I would recommend adding " is it ashes of war(able)" or not in spreadsheet so players who want to customize their weapons dont need to click each one of them one by one
By Anonymous
hee hee bonk with big thing
By Anonymous
Looks like Prelate's Charge start-up blends almost perfectly with the blocking animation while using a Colossal, with the only visual indicator being the flames starting to appear and the weapon turning 90° to the side.
By Anonymous
Cheese. Same thing makes crouch pokes with dual great spears unreactable. Crouch, walk towards them, win trades or surprise them with attack being identical to duel animation.
By Anonymous
I never said that Colossal Weapons were honest weapons, you kill most enemies on 5 strikes so you gotta make all those 5 hits count towards your end goal, even if that requires you to set up a cheese strat to win.

At least, it is not as painful as to receive a crouch poke + pulley sleep combo since in order to land the Prelate's Charge set-up you require to punish a great mistake or to make your opponent very comfortable with you blocking all the time, you don't want to use the strat twice on a good player since, well, you need 5 seconds to recover from start to finish while using Prelate's Charge, it is so long that you could actually cast a full heal during the duration of the AOW.
By Anonymous
If you ever find trouble attacking hyperagressive people in PVP with any infusable colossal, use Stamp (Sweep) as a punish, I have found this specialy effective against UGS users while using a bleed infused golem halberd. Just remember that it can be punished very easily and it doesn't cover jump attacks.
By Anonymous
Its cool that they brang back the R1s from dark souls 1 instead of keeping dark souls 3s R1s
By Anonymous
People, I have found that Storm Stomp AOW can actually true combo into an R1 if you hit someone with the AOW right about the end, it is not a reliable strategy, but it helps to counter hyperagression while using the weapon class in PVP.
By Anonymous
If anyone else discovers more info on how to prepare set ups to true combo R1s form Colossals, please list them below, mine's are:

#1 Punishing panic roll habits: since Colossal Weapons are very slow, the weapon tends to not punish anything that panic rolls next to them, making almost any player comfortable with panic rolling all arround you. In the precise instance you detect this behaviour you can use Storm Stomp AOW instead of any move so that people who roll arround or away from you will get caught by the AOW, granting you access to a true combo. This set up works the best with a Golem's Halberd since it has the longest reach out of the 2-handed infusable colossals. Weakness: If you whiff the true combo then you'll be exposed to 180° jumping attacks from opponents, the hardest counter for this set up is double anchors since it has a very deadly and fast jumping attack.
#2. Storm Stomp follow up: since Colossal Weapons have a very large hit stun you can punish any kind of roll buffering by just timing your storm stomp to catch any panic rolls outside of your effective range. This set up works the best with the Golem's Halber for the same reason as #1. You can easily set up to 1500 damage on light armored opponents with this set up. Weakness: It has the same weaknesses as the #1 set up.

By Anonymous
storm stomp true combos into virtually anything, its total BS
By Anonymous
True lol, but just block storm stomp with a 2-handed weapon or shield, you'll be stuck on block stun instead of hits stun so its better over all.
By Anonymous
This weapon class is so gimped for almost no benefit. Their playstyle is as one-dimensional as colossal swords because it hinges on spamming their only attack that isn't complete garbage
By Anonymous
Why so many dislikes no way any sane person thinks the Colossal Weapon moveset isn’t complete doodoo dogwater ***, even the Jumping Attack it’s only “viable” attack
By Anonymous
Except the crouch attack, which indeed is completly doodoo, other attacks are fine. Do you see the damage output you can get with this things?? And the stance damage?
By Anonymous
PVP ONLY: I don't believe that Colossal Weapon's playstyle is one dimensional, it is the other way arround, playing colossals requires you to think all the time about the posibilites of each attack, each mistake your opponent makes, each set-up you can use to land more hits, even if the moveset is trash, you only need to hit your opponent between 3 and 6 times to win.

When playing with the big bonk weapon class, every single second you will be making a new plan to hit your opponent, maybe it will be to use the phalanax swords to get a garanteed hitstun to land a jumping R1 or R1, maybe you will mentally prepare your opponent to rollcatch on every swing just to use Storm Stomp AOW, roll catch them and deal arround 500 to 1000 damage in a true combo, maybe you will use AOW Gravitas so that you get the fastest hyperarmor move in the game, maybe you will play a trump card on UGS users with the correct set of armor and bullgoat talisman, there are so many dimensions to the colossal weapon class, so many different ways to hit someone that isn't "walk foward and press R1 until mistake".

PVE ONLY: True lmao. Playing Colossals in PVE is like stepping on Legos™.
By Anonymous
Even within the same weapon class axes are still gimped. Despite having the exact same moveset as the hammer colossal weapons they have lower hyperarmor and poise damage. why?
By Anonymous
Didn't know that Fallingstar was that long, I am starting to think that I may scrap about a few points of strenght just to use that colossal as it is even longer than Golem's.
By Anonymous
It is unironically one of the best, if not the best, weapon in the game. The poise break on its special, along with its range, is unreal.
By Anonymous
The fallingstar is so OP I only dies once to ****ing Malenia, so do try it out. Best part is, it's not cringe in pvp because it takes actual skill, not just spam, to roll catch with it.
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By Anonymous
man they really really need to fix aimpunch with these. most weapons can cope since the swing much faster, but every hit i miss because my character flinches slightly feels like a kick in the balls.
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