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By Anonymous
"... and that he will go on hunt them down alone"

No, he doesn't. He says he now must be left alone, with his appetite as his only companion. He knows there are no more Deathroot to eat and he blame Marika for this king of course where he's appetite will not be satisfied even after having complete his duty.

- Official Elden Ring Strategy guide
- Gurrank dialogs
By Anonymous
Just like patches - badly written fight. It seemed I dealt so much damage that i met his re-aggro thresholt and ended up killing him too. Make them invulnerable when they beg for mercy ffs. Like I care about some random dialogue in the midst of a fight... just glad I don't need his items otherwise I would be really pissed.
By Anonymous
Stay outside and shoot him with some arrows until he stops. Very precise this way.
By Anonymous
Dude just needs a warm fuzzy hug and some ice cream. Those deathroots are not good for mental health.
By Anonymous
he’s MY husband
By Anonymous
"More... I am not... sated" - me after two bowls of rice crispies
By Anonymous
Ahhhhhhhh, I'm gonna consoom!!!
By Anonymous
you guys should've seen my face when i saw how my blasphemous greatsword (which i made me feel invincible at the time) deal such a miniscule amount of damage to him. thankfully after getting my *** toss around a couple of times i remember that i have the black flame incatation, so i just throw some flames at him and let the percentage based damage sober him up
By Anonymous
no thanks
By Anonymous
Was around level 40 when i got him to get angy with me and i just sat inside the place dodging his attacks and slowly chipping away his health with my uchigatana+11 for about 10 minutes then he was chill all of a sudden i was so f***ing confused
By Anonymous
It's a shame you can't tell him about Ranni being behind the night of black knives. It would finally give him a bit of solace after everything he's been through.
By Anonymous
Then he would fight Blaidd and Ranni
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