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By Anonymous
He didn't give me beastial sling incantation for the first root. He gave an eye key item, and a beast talisman
By Anonymous
You have to damage him a little. Safest way to do is is to lure him to the entrance and then keep shooting him with glinstone pebbel, bow or crossbow.
By Anonymous
Killed me several times and still hostile.
By connorthegr8
same, tried warping in and out of area still hostile.
By Anonymous
I had the same problem I didn't get bestial sling either just the eye and charm what gives?
By Anonymous
I got the sling spell after the 2nd deathroot
By Anonymous
i've died like a hundred times and still no beast claw
By Anonymous
I think the first one might be wrong or I'm missing something. I gave him one and all I got was a eye and a item that boosts beastial incantations.
By Anonymous
He gives the Clawmark Seal talisman and Beast Eye key item for the first Deathroot
By Anonymous
So, I gave him 4 deathroot and he went hostile anyway. Also died many times and no dice. Are we suppose to kill him for the freaking beast claw? Honestly... If thats the case and how HARD HE IS, they went too far with end game capping this spell.
By Anonymous
I was going to deliver my fifth Deathroot and he was hostile, is there a way to fix this????
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