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On builds that have their stats spread thin, like death/magma builds, this is an absolute godsend. You can turn any crappy uninfused stick into a usable weapon by buffing it up with this.
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For those saying that it is useless, at a high level that has 80int and 80 str/dex, you will be able to take advantage of the heavy/keen scaling while placing a very powerful buff on it. Dex is recommended for the cast speed buff.
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Is this affected by the Old Lord’s talisman?
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By Anonymous
Wait, does this applies FLAT damage to any and all hits? If so, then claws or daggers would be so good for this
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Haters are gonna be on my *** for this, but DS2 handled buffing weapons so much better and I hoped they could haver learnt something from that...
By Anonymous
Crystal-buffed magic-infused Moonlight Greatswords were pretty crazy back in the day.
By Anonymous
I mean, that is still kind of a thing in this game, just limited to a very select number of weapons (Clayman's Harpoon, Treespear, Troll's Hammer and Great club as far as I'm aware).
I think they didn't do the same DS2 did to encourage casters to fight with spells, not just melee weapons.
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My main stat were to be Arcane, and I cast low level sorceries with the Albinauric Staff, would this buff be weak at minimum INT, but 80 ARC?
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By Anonymous
Weapon buff spells only use their main stat, which means that this only scales with int and the incantations only scale with faith, so even using the Albinauric staff, you won't get any damage from Arcane.
Same with Clawmark Seal or Dragon Communion Seal when trying to use incantation buffs like Bloodflame Blade and Lightning Blade.
By Anonymous
Incredible with Clayman's Harpoon
By Anonymous
Bloodhounds Fang
Demi Human queen staff
Scholars armament

Great early game setup, and the buff damage gets higher as you upgrade the staff. Only needs 12 int early on
By Anonymous
for everyone mentioning how it doesnt work with crits or its awful, the way any grease or traditional buff that "adds damage" works is that it basically coats the weapon with a spell that does its own independent, fixed damage every time the weapon makes contact regardless of whether its a ten hit flurry or a charged r2 or crit. they are especially useful on any multi hit melee attacks and fast weapons, also paired weapons since you can buff both. its been this way in ds1 and ds3 and there have always been myths about them multiplying with crits or having some secret synergy with weapons that deal the same element in damage ( main example is in ds3 ppl used dark blade to buff the mad kings crucifix since it does dark damage even though this achieves nothing and lightning/darkmoon blade is always better since dark blade is weaker, this would only be useful if you had dark clutch ring and the waifu mask to buff dark damage) but this isnt true. id only ever recommend using this on fists/claws, two handed twinblades or weapons that have unique multi hit r2s or weapon arts that youd spam, and its only useful if you have a hybrid build since there are no pairs of buffable weapons and buffs that scale primarily with the same stat so you need a ton of investment into 2 stats, probably the best choice for this setup would be a strength twinblade with 55str 80int
By Anonymous
I would say the best choice of setup would be dex int because if you have that much int you might as well make use of some other spells and get the quicker cast speed. This game gives a lot of good delayed or continuous damage spells like glintblade or downpour or the classic phalanx spells that are all a good supplement to melee
By Anonymous
its not a myth, stacking dark or magic or any other non phys weapon is always better than stacking damage further due to how defenses work
is better to have your damage go through 2 defenses than 3
By Anonymous
I have done some testing, and it seems that Scholar’s Armament does not apply to critical hits. It applies only to regular hits. Therefore, on a build looking to take advantage of critical hits, going with magic affinity on your weapon instead of going with Scholar’s Armament seems to be the way to go. Your regular hits will be a bit weaker, but your critical hits will be much, much stronger.
By Anonymous
It will still go more damage on a critical but will not multiple the buffed damage.
Often before you critical you can use regular attacks before you actually go for the riposte.
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