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By Anonymous
I tried killing the Juvenile Scholars with Discus of Light but no matter how many of them I killed, her bubble didn’t pop.
By Anonymous
You have to kill the singing ones that have the golden aura for the bubble to break.
By Anonymous
Honestly, it's still a bit weird for me that in order to make Ranni happy we have to beat up her depressed mom...
By Anonymous
It’s a shame they made it so difficult to find the key to get in to this place. I got bored trying to find it without searching online and got side tracked, so ended up killing Radahn before her. Then when I eventually found out how to get in (being OP) I had someone summoned and absolutely ganked her first time without me really seeing any of her spells. Feel like I’ve missed out!
By Anonymous
lol first you summon a player whole fighting a main story boss for the first time and then you complain about it being too easy? Pick a side and stick to it.
By Anonymous
It's literally next to the castle lol
By Anonymous
Can't find the key next to a giant dragon in a lake right next to the castle, the note at the locked gate that points you to it, and then summons for a boss fight only to complain that having someone there to do it for him made it was too easy. Please try to grow from this experience
By Anonymous
As a first timer on a mage build, rock sling + wolf summons pretty much cheeses P2. You also have just enough time to do your summons and dodge roll before the first comet azur at the start of the phase. Just don't get too greedy or you will get smacked by the comet azur or star shower mid cast.
By Anonymous
I finished her off fairly quickly on my latest playthrough, but the dragon summons was still active when she died. As I sat there clicking through the various rewards for killing her, imagine my surprise when the dragon breathed on me *twice* and killed me. So pay attention I guess, the fights not always over when it's over
By Anonymous
One problem with a lot of bosses in Elden Ring is the lack of attack delay. It makes the fights feel more fluid, but also more frustrating. For Rennala it's especially so, because she can just spam spells at you--most of which are homing.
My advice? Poise break or bust. Get a weapon that can shatter her stance so she can't let off spell chains.
If you don't have a build around that, try Banished Knight Engvall. He's tanky during the early game and does a lot of poise damage with his halberd, with the added bonus of getting to watch him give children the people's elbow during the 1st phase. If you can't obtain that, the Lone Wolves summon also helps thanks to their staggering effect.

Blood loss also works quite well, from what i've heard. Bloodhound's fang or a greatsword with Bloody Slash from the Fort Haight questline should do the trick.

Cheers, and happy godslaying
By Anonymous
Not sure if over leveled, but I just brute forced my way. Opaline Hardtear. Golden Vow, Magic Fortification, and Flame's Grant me Strength. Used a mace +14 and banished knight armor with a brass shield +7. I had almost 70% magic resistance and 65% or more physical. Wild Strikes melted her ridiculous fast in the first phase. Second one I just charged her and again Wild Strikes. I am level 70 currently, but a more balanced build. 25 Vigor, 20 mind, 25 endurance, 21 strength and 25 faith. I still beat her *** stupid fast.
By Anonymous
I'm similar level to you, also defeated with ease. Fairly certain she's a more early game boss.
By Anonymous
+14 is a little high for Renalla, but Magic Fortification walls her no matter your level
By Anonymous
This boss single handedly ended my mage run. I put all of my flasks into FP for this fight and still barely had enough to beat phase 1. Then Phase 2 started and I realized being limited to pretty much a single damage type might not be the best strategy to enjoying the game.
By Anonymous
Can't you use the Rock Sling sorcery?
By Anonymous
On my first run as a mage, this was a really bad matchup. I got demolished hard. It was before I knew about Meteorite staff and Rock Sling.
Since magic was useless, I had to think of alternatives, so what I did, I used the +8 Halberd from the Revenger encounter and slapped Spectral Lance on it. It made the second phase a breeze.
For the first phase, I used Misericorde with Frost. When she goes into bubble again, the freeze is gone and can be reapplied for that sweet %HP damage.
By Anonymous
I really like this boss. I don't know if she's as easy as people say. I find Godrick much easier. With Rennala, you can kill her really fast, but if you mess up once, you're dead just as quickly. She's a mage, so of course she's a glass cannon. Though I think they should've made her disengage moves a bit better and give her a guaranteed summon in the second phase. But I can understand why they didn't, I imagine this boss can be pretty annoying if you're new to Souls games.
By Anonymous
Walked up to this ***** on NG+ as a level 190 fire-damage-based glass cannon build with +10 Blasphemous Blade and Erdtree Seal. Won in 25 seconds by spamming the AoW. Never laughed so hard in my life.
By Anonymous
You don't need to be lvl 190 +10 Blasphemous blade on NG+ to beat her in 25 seconds

Try simple NG with any heavy weapon and spam Lion's claw. You can even be underleveled if you want
By Anonymous
Wow, so impressive. I did the same by pressing R1 over and over again with a Claymore at RL 40.
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