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By Anonymous
i get not locking a core mechanic of the game (respeccing) behind a super tough boss, but honestly rennala deserved to be harder
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
its kinda funny that she's just chilling and sitting at the top right corner of the room behind the bookcase after Sellen "took over" the Academy.
By Anonymous
So i was fighting Rennala and she had summon the dragon, i dodged the viner azur got hut by the dragon, she summon something new , then got hit and killed by the dragon… There were two summons at a time, and it was a good attempt too
By Sephirjon
This was my first time ever clearing a boss on the first attempt in a soulsborne game. On NG++ now, finally decided to look at this page. Saw 80 magic resist. Remembered how I used a pure INT sorcery build my first playthrough. Started feeling even more sorry for Renalla than I already did.
By Anonymous
I like how for phase 2 there are literally no combat tips above. Just what is going to happen. 1 to 2 hit kills. Level 50. What a joke. Not re-doing this ever. Waste of time.
By Anonymous
Since Rennala was the head of Raya Lucaria for some time and Radagon and all three of their kids use intelligence based sorcery(Rykard uses magma, Radahn uses gravity, Ranni uses ice) I wonder if all three of the kids and Radagon attended the academy as well? Just some questions, I would have liked to see a flashback of some kind to when the lands between were more normal and Radagon and Rennala were happy together
By Anonymous
lesser foe
By Anonymous
There's a baobab in Madagascar, said to be the biggest one and mother to all of the other oned, that is called Renala, mother of the forest
By Anonymous
Use "Aspect of the crucible: Horns" on her to launch her into the sky. Also I've glitched into her arena on accident by dying on the elevator and now the door to the library is still shut until i open it from the outside
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