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By Anonymous
In phase 2 she will summon stuffs.

It is rather safe to attack her when she summons: crawler thingy, giant

Focus avoiding attacks when she summons: dragon, wolves (DO NOT focus on attacking her when she summons these 2)

2 attacks are especially problematic for melee users: the spinning staff (use this as a breathing room to recover stamina, you'll get hit by a bunch of blows if you attack when she does this) and the moon bomb (GTFO as far as possible from the moon bomb). The rest can be easily dodged if you stay close to her.
By Anonymous
I can not reiterate this enough. DO NOT ATTACK WHILE SHE IS SUMMONING. I did this as she summoned a giant and we killed each other. Now I���ve lost all my times with no way of getting them back.
By Anonymous
is my game broke im stuck on phase one
By Anonymous
Same. I cant progress because this fight is literally not possible. She doesn't have a bubble and I have killed hundreds of the stupid laughing children.
By Anonymous
quit out and reenter should fix
By Anonymous
For those playing sorcerer and getting screwed by resistances, using throwing knives, kukri and a spirit summon gets the job done pretty easily.
By Anonymous
She is bugged, phase 1 is impossible since enough one ever casts the bubble on her.
By Anonymous
Happened to me too. Close and restart the game, it worked for me.
By Anonymous
happened to my buddy too
By Anonymous
look everywhere for them they can be behind stuff and tucked in corners and listen for singing and they throw books at you so follow them to find the bubble casters
By Anonymous
Try night
By Anonymous
this has happened to me a few times in coop
By Anonymous
The ones that do the chanting always seem to be outside the circle Rennala is in.
By Anonymous
Why does this comment have so many thumbs down? Seems like an issue many people are having, so why hate on someone mentioning it?
By Anonymous
Phase 1 is bugged for multiplayer right now, the students with the bubbles don't even spawn so you can't deal damage to the main boss
By Anonymous
As a mage I found using the rock sling spell along with the metorite staff does good damage in both phases. Spirit summon in 2nd phase was good for letting rock slings off.
By Anonymous
Anyone else confused on why she gives the ability to change your character's appearance when we've already had that ability via the mirror from the moment we had access to the Round Table Grace?
By Anonymous
probably just to fit her lore for her re-birth ability
By Anonymous
If I had to guess, I'd say it was probably coded into the respec from DS3 and they didn't bother to take it out.
By Anonymous
How do you open the chest in her room after you beat her? Can't even have an open chest anymore smh
By Anonymous
The difficulty in this fight was the camera, I kept auto-targeting the summons and it kept screwing me up... So annoying.
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