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By Anonymous
Can we address the fact that this weapon class still does significantly reduced damage and poise damage on the first swing of regular hit, meanwhile even other multi hit dedicated weapons such as claws, fists, Ornamental Straight Sword, Starscourge Greatsword do full damage on it essentially doubling damage output per single attack ... Same for dual wielding...
Meanwhile the most twin sword can get is 60 damage on the first swing with practically no poise damage, especially while two handed...
This is getting ridiculous at this point, at least the speed was improved...
By Anonymous
RIP Red Iron Twinblade.
By Anonymous
The added speed buff with this update is nice, but twinblades would really benefit from some added poise breaking damage when two-handing. Give players an incentive to play a different style other than dual-wielding in this weapon class.
By Anonymous
Using these with the speed buff almost feels unfair. Almost.
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