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By Anonymous
The backstep attack is so sexy, love using it for mixups
By Anonymous
The REAL proof that Elden Ring is secretly Dark Souls II 2.
By Anonymous
Do both Gargoyle blades have the same range? I'm asking this because I don't see two gargoyles on the visual above.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
you can but giants hunt and lions claw on these. need i say more
By Frobishyr
I meaaaan, Giant's Hunt sure, but Lion's Claw? I bet it looks slick when you do it, but the aim of twinblades is to try to effectively use both blades as much as necessary
By Anonymous
For PvP, they lack the ability to stun heavily armored players, so cragblade is really good for them
By Anonymous
these weapons are so weird when you think about it, they're better when two handed so strength is the obvious choice but they're more dex focused than anything else for obvious reasons, and the only pure physical damage one that's strength oriented has much lower range than it's dex counterparts. it's like you're punished for using them they way they're intended
By Anonymous
the strength-flavored weapon of every class is always stubbier to offset the damage bonus.
By Anonymous
IIRC, Twinned Knight Swords scale more with Strength.
By Anonymous
keep getting better and better with every update, they kick so much ***
By Anonymous
after using one-handed Twinblades (mostly Lightning Twinned Knights Sword and Keen or Blood Godskin Peeler) a lot in a sword and board context (with three heater shields to swap between for different skills), I gotta say the one-handed twinblade moveset really is the bees knees. R1 Spam is great on it, it feels like a bigger fancier version of longsword R1 spam. The first R1 comes out 2 frames slower than the longsword's but the following attacks' speed is extremely similar to Longsword's but with better damage and I think bigger hitboxes (especially with the Twinned Knight's which feels surprisingly reachy). And your running R1 becomes a quick stab.

The two-handed moveset is still better for sheer damage-dumping on big vulnerable targets, to be clear, but if you're just lashing out with quick hits and dodging then the one-hand moveset feels super nice. I'm getting a little sick of shields making me shield-brained (hiding behind my shield) so I'm trying to find something else to use in my off-hand (currently trying the pulley crossbow) but the centerpiece of my build remains one-handed twinblades because the balance of speed and damage and style feels so compelling to me right now. Also worth noting that the offhand chain is worse (slower) than the mainhand chain in spite of them looking very similar, which is unfortunate.
By Anonymous
Does 23 poise damage with the first hit in pvp with 2HR1, 2H Rolling R1 and 2H Runnung R1. Any weapon could poise though it.

However, probably the best weapon for applying status effects in PvE, preferably bleed, since you can easily apply frost with freeze pots, so no need to use it on a weapon.

Also the muti hit property it has is only useful to apply status effects since it does so little damage, that and fighting off crowds in PvE.

By Anonymous
"...since it does so little damage...": not true. I put Lightning Slash on the regular twinblade +15 and use the Winged Sword Insignia talisman and then you can shred bosses with this weapon. At the current stage of my playthrough (Altus Plateau) I do not yet see why I should use bleed or frost or other status effects. Might change later on, but I do not see any problem at all with Elden Beast who is immune to all status effects. I am sure it is going to be a fast kill with the twinblade.
By Anonymous
If you're like me and you enjoy two-handing twinblades rather than powerstancing (either because you prefer it or because you also run spells in offhand,) you can use some interesting mixups by alternating one-handed and two-handed combat. The running attacks differ significantly when you're one-handing versus two-handing, and you get some unexpected reach out of it.
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