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By Anonymous
DS2's Frozen Reindeer as a boss, 99% similarity.
By Anonymous
I gotta be the only person having trouble with this boss
By Anonymous
This is a poor boss. Looks OK but the fight is too easy.
By Anonymous
Hardest thing on this fight was to find the beacon that brings you back to the entrance ... ;-)
By Anonymous
This boss could use some spice - add some of those archers into the mix…
By Anonymous
Totally forgot about this boss on the road to platinum. Terrible, terrible boss.
By Anonymous
I don't mind it healing, otherwise the fight would be over too quickly. The graceful movements and calm music make me really enjoy fighting this boss.
By Anonymous
I've got the ancestral follower ashes but I don't remember ever fighting this ancestor spirit.
By Anonymous
I hit this guy once and then he walks away and dies on his own. Is this supposed to happen?
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